Within you is a divine person nested within a human, rational person, nested within a human beast.

What does a perfect, divine soul have to gain from nesting within a visceral body, refining and taming a human beast?

Everything. The stubborn defiance of your inner animal is a gold mine for the soul.

The energy of your divine soul is ordered, harmonized and contained.

The energy of that beast within you is raw and wild.

Lift that crude animal power even slightly from its earthly pod and a reservoir of unbounded energy from above reciprocates, rushing downward to fill the channels of the divine soul.

A harmony of opposites ensues, as though a fierce storm has been harnessed by the turbines of your soul, as though all the diverse forces of order and chaos of the creation have come together in a single magnificent symphony.

It is the song of the One who transcends order and chaos, energy and containment, finite and infinite, being and not-being. The One who designed and created all these.

And His symphony plays within you.

Likutei Torah, Bechukotai p. 94. Chavivin Yisrael 5676. Bayom Ashtei Asar 5732.