There are sparks of light hidden in this world. Some you can find and liberate: When you “know G‑d in all your ways,” finding Him in whatever you do, those sparks jump out at you and their light is released.

But then there are sparks of such intensity that they had to be buried in the deepest bowels of the material realm and locked away in thick darkness.

These are sparks that no ordinary search could uncover: Your intellect has no power even to approach them. Your deeds could never dig that deep. Your eyes would be blinded by their brilliance and by the profundity of the darkness surrounding them.

The only tools you have to liberate those sparks are those that supersede your mind and your senses. These are the hidden powers that are revealed when your inner resolve is brought to the test.

This is the reason our generation is so challenged again and again: We are redeeming the final sparks of light.