Maybe you feel you just can’t hack it. You know there is nothing to fear, but you are afraid. Your mind affirms that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome, but your heart is unable to overcome even its very own pangs.

It’s true; there are people who do not run from anything, who know no fear of beast or man, of life or of death. Even as they enter this world, they remain above and beyond. Their feet barely touch the earth.

They are the tzaddikim, those who never enter the monster’s lair. But if they never enter that place, how could they ever slay the dragon?

You, on the other hand, you face that awesome, internal monster called fear on its own ground.

So make a partnership. The tzaddik will lend you his power, and with it you will wrestle the dark monster to the dust.

For all of us are a single soul.