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Israel and the U.S.: Friendship through Strength

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Israel and the U.S.: Friendship through Strength

The only approach which has succeeded so far is when Israel makes clear to the United States through its actions that it will not compromise on security issues, and that the US needs a strong partner in the Middle East.
Shamir, Yitzhak, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Israel, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Israel and the U.S.: Friendship through Strength
Disc 131, Program 522

Event Date: 14 Cheshvan 5750 - November 12, 1989
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Dovid March 3, 2015

Humans can not be completely trusted when their self interests are foremost as opposed to a higher ideal. Reply

Chuck September 11, 2014

Jews Dead or wounded US War Vets or served , make it possible for the US and Israel to talk . I am scared and dying for a country such as the United States , yet I volunteered to do just that , and so did my father of blessed memory , and some of my uncles in WW!! We were first all faced with the draft . This is a concept young people of todays world does not understand . , nor appreciate . A draft notice said you have be select by your friends and neighbors to serve . The fact is in my case ,during Vietham , my friends and neighbors could care less if I died or was wounded in Vietnam . Most of the county was against this war. The war was a political decision wherein the Pres of the USA was murdered after he sign a decree that would have ended involvement .Where the Jew was in this is that would be useless Jews , by grace , such as myself , at least could be counted as Serving as Citizen soldiers and as Jews . The representative of the accuser , only is to be taken to the rolls of those Jews who served the USA. Reply

Chuck September 11, 2014

The Rebbe was right . (two tier argument one for Jew and one for the other nations.) The one point to other nations is that Israel is fighting for its survival , and there can not be a compromise on any the points made in say a Camp David compromise . When it come to survival there is no compromise .

The second point he make only to Jews and should not be made to the USA is that the
Middle East needs Israel to survive and prosper for it to survive . In many cases , the reason to go to war among various nations and even internal wars , is due to a power struggle . At the time the Rebbe was alive he was right in his assessment about the USA , but with the passage of the Citizens case by the Supreme Court the USA is no longer a country of strength before its people are out as a Democracy , and this is replaced by a system of bought politicians . The only argument that can be made by Israel now to the power self serving politicians who for the most part represent theSatin
is that all decisions of Israel can not be compromised in any little bit and are for survival. Reply

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