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An archive of the "Living Torah," the weekly video magazine featuring the Rebbe's application of Torah to timely events and issues.

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Even More Than Before
Disc: 180 / Program: 719 | Talk
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5714 • January 14, 1954
The third day of Tammuz marks the passing of the Rebbe. Citing Jewish history and texts, the Rebbe demonstrates that a true Jewish leader is always present, and will never leave his flock. ExpandMore
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We Want Moshiach Now!
Disc: 180 / Program: 719 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5741 • January 15, 1981
Newly recovered footage from 10 Shevat in 5741 of the Rebbe leading chasidim in singing the now famous song, We Want Moshiach Now.
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Conveying G-d’s Blessings
Disc: 180 / Program: 719 | Eye to Eye
Thank you very much for giving me the possibility to bless a Jew. May G-d Almighty bless you to do even better, and have good news. The main thing is that the blessings should be fulfilled. May G-d bless you that you will thank Him at age 120. (Collage)
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They Need to Spread Outside
Disc: 180 / Program: 719 | My Encounter
Rabbi Tzvi Greenwald was an educator living in Kfar Chabad. In the 1960s, he was involved in the “Evening with Chabad” outreach program, visiting kibbutzim across Israel. After receiving criticism for his approach toward the attendees and the atmosphere at the events, he decided to ask the Rebbe how to continue his activities.
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Nobody Gets a Pass
Disc: 180 / Program: 718 | Talk
Event Date: 12 Sivan, 5744 • June 12, 1984
All too often, it’s those with the most to contribute that are complacent when it comes to securing a future for the Jewish people. Here, the Rebbe expounds on a passage from Maimonides’ book of Jewish law to show that when it comes to the battle for Jewish continuity, nobody gets a pass. ExpandMore
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Invited to a Farbrengen
Disc: 180 / Program: 718 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 28 Sivan, 5748 • June 13, 1988
On the 28th of Sivan in 1941 the Rebbe arrived in America with his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka. On the anniversary of this day, chasidim are invited to a celebratory farbrengen.
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Achieving Quick Success
Disc: 180 / Program: 718 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 13 Tammuz, 5748 • June 28, 1988
It is often overlooked, but the Rogatchover Gaon was also a very quick person. Whether in studying, writing or speaking, and even eating, he accomplished everything very quickly. Beginning with study...
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A Rebbe, A Mentch
Disc: 180 / Program: 718 | My Encounter
Rabbi Chaim Zev Bomzer was a longstanding member of the Rabbinical Council of America, and Rabbi of Young Israel of Ocean Parkway for more than forty years. It was during the sixties that over the course of his travels to Israel, he developed a relationship with the chief chaplain of the Israeli Army, Rabbi Shlomo Goren. Once, when Rabbi Goren was in New York, he asked Rabbi Bomzer to take him to see the Rebbe.
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Gifts from Heaven
Disc: 180 / Program: 717 | Talk
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5741 • January 15, 1981
Judaism teaches us that each and every child born is a cherished blessing for its parents and the Jewish people as a whole. But where can parents gain the confidence to take on the financial burden of raising a large family? The real answer is that your success was never in your hands anyway.
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Children’s Rally
Disc: 180 / Program: 717 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 13 Tammuz, 5740 • June 27, 1980
Vintage footage of the Rebbe taking part in a rally for Jewish children on the 13th of Sivan in 5740 – 1980.
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Spread the Love
Disc: 180 / Program: 717 | Eye to Eye
The Lelov dynasty is renowned as lovers of Israel. Give this to charity in the Holy Land, and may you merit to bring good tidings for all of Israel. (Collage)
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This is for Your Child
Disc: 180 / Program: 717 | My Encounter
Rabbi Simcha Krakovsky is a community activist and served as a secretary of the Lelover Rebbe in Bnei Brak, Israel. When he and his wife struggled to have children, a friend of his, Mordechai Werdiger, invited Rabbi Krakovsky to visit the Rebbe and ask for a blessing. (1989)
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Charity Begins at Home
Disc: 179 / Program: 716 | Talk
Event Date: 28 Iyar, 5751 • May 12, 1991
Each year, in the days around the holiday of Shavuos, the Rebbe would deliver a special address to members of the N’shei Chabad Women’s group. Here, we present an excerpt from the Rebbe’s talk at this gathering in 1991.
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N’shei Chabad
Disc: 179 / Program: 716 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 20 Iyar, 5734 • May 12, 1974
Vintage footage of the Rebbe receiving petitions from the N’shei Chabad women’s group in the days before Shavuos.
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Women Will Bring Moshiach
Disc: 179 / Program: 716 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 7 Adar, 5750 • March 04, 1990
To spread the wellsprings of Judaism outwards, you need to be outside; otherwise you won’t be able to spread Judaism there. It all depends on you. You need to watch over yourself. Don’t focus on the “outside,” focus on the “wellsprings.”
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Help Your Friend First
Disc: 179 / Program: 716 | My Encounter
Mrs. Rochel Fogelman and her husband, Rabbi Hershel Fogelman, of blessed memory, have been Chabad emissaries in Worcester, Massachusetts since 1947. She remembers asking the Rebbe repeatedly for a blessing for her sister to find her match. Her sister seemed so choosy, it almost looked like there wouldn’t be anyone who’d meet her qualifications. The matter was on her mind again when she brought a group with her to the Rebbe from Worcester, Massachusetts in the 1950s. Thankfully, she finally received the blessing she was seeking when the Rebbe asked her to help someone else.
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Seize the Days
Disc: 179 / Program: 715 | Talk
Event Date: 12 Sivan, 5742 • June 03, 1982
In ancient times, thousands of Jews with offerings in hand would make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the festival of Shavuot. For those who weren’t able to bring their offerings in the Temple on the holiday itself, some more time was allotted afterward, known as the days of Tashlumin.
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Kos Shel Bracha
Disc: 179 / Program: 715 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 7 Sivan, 5740 • May 22, 1980
The Rebbe pours Kos Shel Bracha from his cup following the holiday of Shavuos.
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Securing All Jews
Disc: 179 / Program: 715 | Eye to Eye
Much success in protecting the Land of Israel, as well as protecting the spiritual integrity of the Land of Israel. May the Jews in the Holy Land be protected, and by extension, the Jews all over the world. Good tidings, and happy holiday. (Collage)
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A Rising Threat
Disc: 179 / Program: 715 | My Encounter
Shlomo Shamir is a journalist and political analyst. He was the New York correspondent for the Israeli daily, Haaretz, for over thirty-five years, and a long time columnist for the Algemeiner Journal. He met and corresponded with the Rebbe on numerous occasions over the years, but it was an indirect message that he received from the Rebbe that led him to send the Rebbe an apology. (1979)
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