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Living Torah Archives

An archive of the "Living Torah," the weekly video magazine featuring the Rebbe's application of Torah to timely events and issues.

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Purim with the Rebbe: A Unique Presentation
Disc: 190 / Program: 758 | Talk
This special presentation highlights scenes of Purim farbrengens with the Rebbe throughout the years.
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Foiling the Plot
Disc: 190 / Program: 757 | Talk
Event Date: 10 Adar II, 5744 • March 14, 1984
At the height of danger, with Haman’s decree of annihilation hanging over the heads of the Jewish people, their spiritual leader, Mordechai, sought some all-important counsel. He did not turn to the thought leaders or political pundits of the time; he went to some innocent Jewish children. When he heard their certainty that G-d would save them, he knew all would be well. ExpandMore
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Visit from Gur
Disc: 190 / Program: 757 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 6 Adar II, 5749 • March 13, 1989
A video with footage from a visit by Rabbi Yaakov Alter, son of the Rebbe of Gur. The Rebbe and Rabbi Alter spent over an hour in a private meeting.
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A Time for Joy
Disc: 190 / Program: 757 | Eye to Eye
This is for the wedding in an auspicious time. It’s in the month of Adar, so you must be extra joyous. May your wellsprings spread to the outside; with increased joy. (Collage)
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The Power of Thought
Disc: 190 / Program: 757 | My Encounter
Mrs. Chana Popack and her husband served as Chabad emissaries in Philadelphia for three decades. She was born in Soviet Russia during Stalinist times, and her father was at a loss about where to send her to school. He couldn’t communicate directly with the Rebbe, for fear of being intercepted by the Soviet authorities. But through various maneuvers, he managed to get advice from the Rebbe, and somehow, the Rebbe’s unlikely idea worked. (1930s) ExpandMore
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Buying Atonement
Disc: 189 / Program: 756 | Talk
Event Date: 26 Nissan, 5746 • May 05, 1986
In the Book of Exodus, the Jewish people are instructed to contribute a half-shekel coin towards the building of the tabernacle as “atonement for their souls,” and the commentaries explain that it atoned for the grievous sin of the golden calf. ExpandMore
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Disc: 189 / Program: 756 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 30 Adar I, 5749 • March 07, 1989
The Rebbe hands out dollar bills for charity to mark the beginning of the second month of Adar.
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Majority Opinion
Disc: 189 / Program: 756 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 12 Shevat, 5751 • January 27, 1991
You can help bring down your blood pressure by increasing your trust in G-d Almighty. The doctors themselves say that someone who has peace of mind has less blood pressure. Also, it doesn’t cost any money. May G-d Almighty bless you to have good news.
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A Medical Recommendation
Disc: 189 / Program: 756 | My Encounter
Rabbi Zevulun Charlop is a prominent American rabbi and Dean Emeritus of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, where he served for over thirty-five years. He remembers when his mother suddenly became ill and lost her sight. They quickly discovered that she was suffering from a stroke, and after stabilizing her, the doctor recommended a risky procedure. But first, they had to ask the Rebbe. (1950s)
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On Keeping Clean
Disc: 189 / Program: 755 | Talk
Event Date: 14 Adar, 5720 • March 13, 1960
As committed Jews in an imperfect world, we’re constantly trying to balance our mundane responsibilities with our spiritual aspirations. We’re even encouraged to engage with the world to transform it into a G-dly place. ExpandMore
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Nigun Simcha
Disc: 189 / Program: 755 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 14 Adar I, 5733 • February 16, 1973
Chasidim sing a lively Chasidic Nigun during a spirited Farbrengen celebrating Purim.
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Supporter of the Arts
Disc: 189 / Program: 755 | Eye to Eye
You once drew a painting of me; may G-d help you make more pictures of healthy and happy things. Draw a painting depicting the arrival of Moshiach. Don’t fear that it will be a big picture; you are a Jew, and a Jew can accomplish anything. (Collage)
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"The Rebbe Told Me to Be Like a Spider"
Disc: 189 / Program: 755 | My Encounter
Yossi Rosenstein is an artist living in Bnei Brak, Israel. In the late 1970s he travelled to New York for an exhibition of his work. It was a most interesting sequence of events that led him to arrange a meeting with the Rebbe. The Rebbe discussed the importance of his art, but encouraged him to teach the skill to others. He had no idea where to begin, but to his great surprise, someone approached him.
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Generation Gap
Disc: 189 / Program: 754 | Talk
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5719 • January 19, 1959
The youth rebellion of the 60s saw an explosion of counterculture movements fighting the status quo across the Western world. As many wrote off the radicalism of their children, the Rebbe embraced their passion, arguing that it all stemmed from a thirst for good. ExpandMore
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Children’s Rally
Disc: 189 / Program: 754 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 14 Adar I, 5741 • February 18, 1981
A rally celebrating Purim Katan. On the Hebrew calendar, a leap year means adding a second month of Adar. Purim is celebrated on the second month, and Purim Katan - the mini Purim, is marked during the first month of Adar.
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Small, Yet Big
Disc: 189 / Program: 754 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 1 Tammuz, 5750 • June 24, 1990
Your father named himself “Klein–small,” and he doesn’t want to change it. May he merit the fulfillment of “Arise Jacob, for he is small.” As for yourself, may you have blessing and success. May you immediately become great.
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Self Help
Disc: 189 / Program: 754 | My Encounter
Rabbi Avraham Krishevsky lived in Betar Illit, Israel, where he was involved in the production of Tefillin. In this interview, he remembers a friend that he had in Crown Heights who spiraled into a life of drugs and other bad behavior. Unable to help him on his own, he succeeded in convincing his friend to write to the Rebbe. But the fellow had one condition: it couldn’t go through the Rebbe’s office; his letter could only be read by the Rebbe himself. (1980s)
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The Inner Light
Disc: 189 / Program: 753 | Talk
Event Date: 7 Adar, 5745 • February 28, 1985
When Haman drew lots to choose a month to annihilate the Jews, he was thrilled when it fell on the month of Adar, since 7 Adar is the day of Moses’ passing. Little did Haman know that it was also the day of Moses’ birth, and a source of strength for the Jewish people – as a nation, and as individuals. ExpandMore
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7 Adar
Disc: 189 / Program: 753 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 7 Adar, 5748 • February 25, 1988
The Rebbe addresses the Chasidim on the birthday and Yahrzeit of Moses, the first leader of the Jewish people.
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A Cause for Celebration
Disc: 189 / Program: 753 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 13 Adar I, 5744 • February 16, 1984
Some melancholy people take issue with celebrating during the first month of Adar. Why argue with those joyless people? The Rema rules, “A cheerful person always celebrates.” If there was room for doubt, “always celebrate.”
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