By the Grace of G‑d
18th Teveth, 5716 [January 2, 1956]

Mrs. Rachel Altein

Blessing and Greeting:

I received your letter ofRosh Chodesh Teveth. I have been waiting for this kind of letter for a long time, and I am glad to note that you are now using your ability and qualifications with which you have been endowed, to exercise a good influence in your environment, especially among the women. I trust that are also making an effort to spread the teaching of Chassidus [chassidism] in particular. And since you started in this direction, I trust you will continue in accordance with a saying of our sages, that "Sacred things should be on the ascent," and as alsoChanukah teaches us to increase the lights every day.

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With regard to the doubt that you express whether the women are prepared at this time to be organized into a Chabad women's group, if there is a possibility that such a step at this time is premature and might hinder the development of your work, it should be postponed. The main thing is to imbue them with these teachings, and to prepare them for greater things, and this is certainly something that can be done immediately in a suitable way. It is especially important to clear up to them many prevalent misunderstandings about the teachings and Way of Life of Chabad, which are unfortunately often misunderstood and misrepresented through ignorance.

May G‑d help you to carry on your good work in contentment and peace of mind, which will help clear up many other personal problems, especially as this kind of work is bound to bring you G‑d's Blessings in a generous measure.

With the Blessing to hear good news from you concerning all above,

M. Schneerson

P.S. I am gratified to read in your letter that you can at last understand the problems besetting you, though not always able to solve them. But it is well-known that the understanding of a problem is in itself already half a solution, especially where the problems are such that their solution lies in your own hands.