By the Grace of G‑d
3rd of Adar, 5716 [February 15, 1956]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mrs. Rachel Altein

Blessing and Greeting:

I an in receipt of your letter of the 4th of Shevat.

With regard to the question of the subjects that should be taken up at your group's meetings, it is well to bear in mind the advice of our Sages to the effect that one should always study that which particularly is close to one's heart. In the case of your group, however important it is to endeavor to increase their knowledge, it is even more important to inspire them with Yiras Shomaim [awe of G‑d] and Yiddishkeit [Judaism] in general, and with the light and warmth of Chassidus in particular. But before soil can be planted, it is necessary to clear away all such things as weeds and wild growth, and the simile is obvious.

You write that there are differences in the level of education, background, etc. among the women attending the meetings. This is the rule rather than exception in groups of this kind, and your own experience is the best guide to finding the most efficient course. It is difficult to lay down hard and fast rules in such a case, since each group must be considered on its merits, and even within the group itself conditions can change in the course of time.

Your apprehension that emphasis on Chassidus might alienate some women in the group may or may not be justified, but at any rate you need not emphasize each time that the particular thing was derived from a particular Chassidic source, or that it is "Chassidic," for the important thing is to impart the idea and outlook, and it does not matter if they are not informed at once that it is "Chassidus."

Your suggestion to form a second group, seems a good idea in general, especially if thereby the differences among the women as to education, background, etc. can be reduced.

May G‑d bless you with success in all above, and as you are engaged in His work, disseminating His Torah, He will surely give you added health and strength to carry it out with the least difficulty and maximum efficiency.

With blessing,

By [secretary's signature]