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Letter & Spirit - Personal and Public Correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Jewish Activism and Outreach

Wise Charitable Giving
The Rebbe responds to a Charitable Foundation
In a series of letters, the Rebbe gives advice to a foundation on how to properly distribute funds for Jewish education.
On the threshold of the New Year, material and spiritual kindness opens the way for our Prayers – even the poor can benefit others.
Why Young People Drift from Yiddishkeit and How to Reverse the Trend
In view of the prevailing climate of permissiveness, and the erosion of the moral and social foundations of the environment in which Jews are a small minority, it is simply a question of survival for the Jew as a Jew. . .
The Key to Jewish Survival
If only one common factor is found, then there can be no doubt that this is the only basis of the survival.
There is more to a journey than its destination, insisted the Rebbe in this characteristic letter, written several months after his official assumption of the leadership of Chabad-Lubavitch
A Positive Conversation
A conversation in which the means are an end in themselves
How to Influence Others
The Rebbe responds to a student who asks how he could influence others to grow in their Jewish observance.
The Lecturer’s Focus
The Rebbe explains what a lecturer’s focus should be on.
Your suggestion that consideration be given to the possibility of operating a number of small businesses which, in addition to providing needed services, would provide financial sustenance for the Lubavitch activities...
"The way one begins the new year during the [Jewish] month of Tishrei, makes it easier to follow in this spirit throughout the year..."
In Fear of the Majority!
The Jewish nation is tiny compared to the rest of civilization. Should we be disheartened?
The Rebbe's Apology
Why one should never feel that it is above their honor to apologize.
Should one move away from a post of influence in a Diaspora Jewish community in order to make Aliyah to Israel?
What Can be Achieved through Determination and Commitment
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak has shown what a Jew can achieve when he is absolutely determined to live up to his commitment to Torah and Mitzvoth regardless of the circumstances
A Synagogue is Not Only for Prayer
It is well to bear in mind that the essential function of a synagogue is that it should serve as a "Lighthouse" to illuminate the life of the worshippers and their homes, as well as the whole environment.
If he needn't actually do anything, what's the honor?
Perfect harmony and full acceptance of a central authority might be the ideal, but ideals are usually the greatest obstacle in getting anything done
A Child's Cry
No matter one's personal greatness, it is always incumbent upon him to remain sensitive to the society around him.
As early as 1963, the Rebbe offered this analysis of the “return to roots” movement and proposed a plan of action.
A true leader is concerned with his people, from the young to the very old, the simple to the great.
When Jews are united as one body, a Jew in a free land can provide life to a Jew living under oppression
How observant can one be in the military? And what to do when unable to wear tefillin in the morning?
Every Jew has a G-dly soul, and no matter where one finds himself, he is a part of the Jewish people.
A Jew in Madagascar
When a Jew finds himself in a distant corner of the world, far from his homeland, far from any established Jewish community, this is certainly not by chance.
Conquering the World
Sometimes we may feel that we can achieve and accomplish, as though we are “conquering the world.” Can this actually be done? Or is it easier said than done?
Who Is Responsible for the State of Judaism?
Where there are few Jews who recognize and care about the state of Yiddishkeit, then the responsibility of those who do is increased manyfold.
It is always possible to discuss and settle differences in a friendly way, inasmuch as all are imbued with the same ideals and have the same goal in mind.
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