By the Grace of G‑d
27th of Sivan, 5717 [June 26, 1957]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mrs. Rachel Altein

Blessing and Greeting:

I duly received your letter, in which you write that you accepted the position of Camp Mother at Camp Gan Israel. I was gratified to read this, and as G‑d's reward is in kind, in a very generous measure, your decision to help the campers enjoy a healthful summer, not only physically but also spiritually, and moreover with Chassidishe [chassidic] vitality and light – which is the inner purpose of Gan Israel – will surely bring you and your husband and family additional blessings to have true Yiddish [Jewish] Nachas from each other and from your children, materially and spiritually.

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With regard to the Neshei Chabad [women's group] branch, I trust it is unnecessary for me to emphasize the importance of your influence in that group. I trust that in your absence you will have seen to it that there should be some one to replace in some measure your personal participation, and perhaps you will also maintain a correspondence with them so that the mutual contact should not diminish during the summer.

With blessing to hear good news from you and yours,

M. Schneerson