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Tefillah: Reconnecting. Refocusing. Rejuvenating.
Jewish Prayer: How do we converse with God? When is the proper time to do so? What's the objective? Explore the world of Jewish prayers -- as illuminated by the teachings of kabbalah and chassidism.
A Labor of the Heart
Not prayer, not worship, but an intimate sharing of heart and soul. A communion. Reaching deeper and yet deeper and finding there G‑d Himself. strives to create a virtual community for all women—a venue for discussing our joys, accomplishments and lessons we’ve learned. But we also share our pain, sorrow, and challenges...
Jacob has an "encounter" on Mount Moriah; Pinchas conducts a "judgment" with G-d; Isaac and Rebecca "entreat" for a child; Jonah "cries out" from the belly of the fish... 27 stories, voices, essays and insights into prayer
The Heart of Prayer
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Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 1
The Significance of Tefillah
This class examines the importance of prayer, its biblical and historical origins, and the Jewish view on material requests. We conclude with explaining the first prayer upon waking in the morning.
The materiality of Jewish prayer in Chabad Hasidic sources
Far from being a disturbance to the pursuit of pure spirituality, it is the material world that serves as the setting and telos of Hasidic prayer, whose ultimate agenda is to reveal this mundane space as a fitting habitation for divinity.
I try to get back to that place within in me that still reaches unceasingly for meaning. I can't get back. As I kiss my children good bye by the door, the glare of the morning sun is sharp and unforgiving. I want to climb, to run, to inspire. But the heav...
The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 1
A History of Prayer
The origins and evolution of prayer through the ages.
Doesn't G‑d already know what we're going to say?
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