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Overview and Guide

The Significance, History, Reasons, and Basic Procedure

What are the origins and evolution of Jewish prayer? A selection of articles discussing these subjects as well as a deeper look at the purpose of prayer.

What Is Jewish Prayer?
The Torah refers to prayer as “the service of the heart,” an act suffused with love and reverence.
What Is the Amidah?
Understanding the Shemoneh Esrei
The sages established that the Amidah be said three times daily, and they composed words of praise and requests to be said at those times.
The Art of Jewish Prayer
Praying cannot be confined to moments of inspiration or desperation - praying only when one is moved by events and "feels like" praying
Minyan: The Prayer Quorum
It is said that in the merit of praying with a minyan, one will make a living more easily and be blessed with the fruits of his labor. In fact, even if praying with a minyan causes one financial loss, G-d will repay him by granting him extra success...
What Is Hallel?
Hallel (Psalms 113-118) is typically sung or chanted joyously on Passover eve and during morning services on Jewish festivals.