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The Torah Blessings

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 6

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The Torah Blessings: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 6

In this lesson we discuss the final touch in the series of morning blessings, which includes the supplementary prayer beseeching G-d to alleviate our challenges in life. We continue with the blessings for the gift of Torah.
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Don February 23, 2023

Thank you for a wonderful and much needed course.

Thank you for elucidating the many beneficial aspects of prayer. What is more important pronouncing the words correctly and clearly in Hebrew, understanding the basic meaning, contemplating the deeper meanings or keeping up with the congregation? Reply

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan February 26, 2023
in response to Don:

There needs to be a balance between the two. Going at your own pace is preferable except for the Amidah. Reply

Don February 28, 2023
in response to Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan:

Thank you for your reply. I suppose as in the rest of life, we have to find balance between personal and communal. In order to get to Amidah with the chazan I usually need to skip some parts of the earlier prayer. But I still feel a great benefit being part of a group prayer. Reply

Alice Gross Baltimore July 19, 2015

Transforming the Mundane Hatzlacha on your Siddur series that transforms the mundane rote brachas that we make each day into a form that give them more "life" into our lives. Looking forward to catching up on the on the ones I haven't listen to and reviewing the former for deeper chamah, binah, das. Reply

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan Baltimore February 22, 2015

Thank you for your compliments and encouragement. Truth be said, as far as I am concerned, the best compliment that any viewer can offer is a challenging question. Reply

Eileen Oviedo Fl February 22, 2015

Rabbi Kaplan The more I learn from your teachings the more I want to learn. Thank you so much for what you are doing and I hope you will continue these classes for a long time to come Reply

Anonymous January 1, 2015

Thank you for this lesson. I am curious about the person you mention by the name of Wag? Could you identify this person more clearly, Rabbi Wag(g)?
The issue that Jewish grandchildren identifies the grandparent as Jewish? ...regardless of type of conversion or reason for conversion? Reply

Rabbi Kaplan Baltimore December 31, 2014

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement it means a lot to me.
For this series I have been using the "Blue Annotated Siddur" published by Kehot. There are minor differences in the order of the morning blessings and a few other prayers. While the Artscroll Siddur is just fine it is just easier to follow our discussions in the Annotated Siddur.

Anonymous Phoenix AZ December 24, 2014

Torah Blessings Thank you so very much for explaining so clearly each blessing. I learned a lot and it made the reasons behind the prayers so much clearer.
I have an ArtScroll Siddur and I noticed that my pages were numbered differently and the order the prayers were in were different but I was able to find in it.the prayers as you explained them. Why are there different Siddurs?
My husband and I used to live in Sykesville MD and are now retired in Arizona. Just listening to you brought back memories. I guess you know the quip which we used to say while standing in or driving through Baltimore "What is the shortest route to Israel from here? Down Reisterstown Road" lol
Again, thank you. The lessons were excellent! Baruch H'Shem! I hope you will do more lessons. There is so much to learn.
Mrs. Liz Inman Reply

Eileen Shapero Thornhill December 24, 2014

Re: Torah Blessings #6 Thank you for a great class! Your erudition and enthusiasm are terrific! What a pleasure and convenience to hear your class in the comfort of my own home, B"H. May you be blessed with many more healthy and productive years. Happy Chanukah! Reply

Anonymous usa December 24, 2014

i use every insight you offer on this serie. thank you Rabbi Kaplan . Reply

Anonymous St. Catharines December 23, 2014

Morning Blessings, including the supplementary prayer beseeching Hashem to alleviate our challenges in life Thank you for all your teaching Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan such warmth in explanation, the Chassidic way, we have enjoyed your classes and are
reminded with the beginning of each new day, L'Hiem! Reply

We spend much time each day reciting the words of the siddur. Join us to enhance your prayers and become more proficient in understanding and mastering the prayer liturgy. This comprehensive series on Tefillah explores the special meaning embedded in the text of our prayers—elucidating, step by step, the words, structure, and progression of the siddur.
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