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Morning Blessings of Gratitude

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 5


Morning Blessings of Gratitude: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 5

In this lesson we examine the succession of morning blessings, which express our thanksgiving for many special gifts we’re granted on a daily basis. We also don’t shy away from openly discussing the more controversial blessings at the end.
Siddur: Baruch… Hanoten Layaef Koach, Siddur: Baruch… Roka Haaretz Al Hamayim, Siddur: Baruch… Hamechin Mitzadei Gaver, Siddur: Baruch… Sheasah Li Kol Tzarki, Siddur: Baruch… Ozer Yisroel Bigevurah, Siddur: Baruch… Oter Yisroel Betifara, Siddur: Baruch… Shelo Osani Goy, Siddur: Baruch… Shelo Osani Oved, Siddur: Baruch… Shelo Osani Isha
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andor hungary April 6, 2018

You are marvellous Reply

Frank Giammarese Chicago, Illinois June 2, 2017

Thank you for this and ALL you do... and Give Rabbi, thank you. Reply

Anonymous NYC December 17, 2014

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan's talk on the Morning Blessing Excellent lecture, well-delivered, engaging and informative! Reply

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