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Master of the Universe

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 8

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Master of the Universe : Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 8

In this lesson we take a look at the famous Adon Olam prayer, which describes G-d’s absolute sovereignty. Next, we reflect on the covenant and special merit of our patriarch, and specifically the Binding of Isaac.
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Prayer Book, Prayer, Divine Power, Monarch; Monarchy, Binding of Isaac

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Elisabeth Soros Calgary January 6, 2015

Master of the Universe
Dear Rabbi Kaplan! Thank You of your lecture.
Akeida is always shaking me and the only prayer what I am not able to pray with my heart. Mentally I do understand the test HaShem giving us. But as a mother and grandmother I almost faint when I am reading the Akeidaida. I just not able to overcome of this test in my heart. In the same time I believe that HaShem is the only Power over my life and the Universe.
AKEIDA also telling me that HaShem is not allowing "human sacrifice" therefore
the one of the main Religion is a sin front of G-d while the 13th Principle is very clear as in the Adon Olem and of in my counting /probably not right/ 53 places are written that HaShem is the Muster of the Universe and nobody is beside Him.
How can I over come of my feelings of Akeida's prayer and reading of it. Also in this moment just think about Genesis 22-1-19 I do feel dizzy. I do always
passing of this reading. I am sorry, but it is a great problem for me . Thank You Reply

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