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Jacob or Israel

Parshah Nuggets: Vayishlach

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Jacob or Israel: Parshah Nuggets: Vayishlach

After wrestling all night with an angel, Jacob is renamed “Israel,” which means “to strive.”
Tanya, Beinoni, Jacob, Vayishlach, Struggle, Challenge & Adversity

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A widow Norfolk, England December 2, 2012

JACOB OR ISRAEL Thank you so much. I am going through a very difficult time and I found it very comforting and it gave me strength to struggle on. Reply

Joshua Ben-Levi November 29, 2012

I appreciate this professor/teacher very well presented THANK YOU! Reply

marilyn ann toole-cavazos pinon hills November 29, 2012

the painting... Thank you...I really needed this. It made me cry. thank you. Reply

Sandra texas November 28, 2012

Jaccob I received this at a time when i am struggling and could not understand why. thank you for your insights . Reply

Dina Jerusalem November 26, 2012

What a great lesson, beautifully delivered! Reply

Gitel Chana New Haven, CT November 25, 2012

The Struggle I heard this quote once and always tell people that all of Chassidus is summed up by it. "What we are, is G-d's gift to us. What we become is our gift to G-d". Reply

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