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How to Honor a Father

Parshah Nuggets: Vayechi

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How to Honor a Father: Parshah Nuggets: Vayechi

Even after being reunited with his father, Joseph avoided spending very much time with him. Why? Because of the one question that Joseph feared his father would ask him.
Jacob, Joseph and his Brothers, Joseph, Vayechi, Honoring Parents

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Anonymous December 30, 2012

sicha? Which commentator says that he didn't want his father to ask him that question? Reply

Sophia Joshua Ashland December 29, 2012

I was thinking that Joseph was more protecting himself, because his father would have wanted to know why Joseph didn't attempt to contact his father during those 7 years of plenty, when he was viceroy for the Pharoh. He could have?? and then why didn't he? He must have realized how his father suffered from his loss, a parent that looses a child, what loss is greater, and when Joseph finally had the opportunity to contact his father....he didn't.....Why is that..... I think he would be avoiding that question.
And even if it was the other explanation.....what kind of fear keeps a child from the presence of the beloved presence of the parent, certainly he had developed the character trait of humbleness that would have allowed him to negotiate the issue of his brothers the least to acknowledge that it was an act of HaShem and certainly Yaakov had been around long enough to be able to turn that over to HaShem as well... Reply

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