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In the Game, Part V

Infinity and Far Beyond

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In the Game, Part V: Infinity and Far Beyond

Ari discovers that he has not yet discovered the secret of the universe.

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Anonymous May 24, 2020

"Just like your game exists within our world, but isn't really aware of it" But isn't really aware of it, what does that mean?! Reply

Anonymous May 17, 2020

Rabbi Freeman, you should explain the question what it would be other beings like infinite light. Reply

Schneur Zalman Gurary Simi Valley CA May 17, 2020

Kabbala Toons is really good great Mosholim! Especially for kids you should make more. Reply

Anonymous November 16, 2013

Awesome! I love these KabbalaToons. They've really been making me think differently about wahtever they want me to think diferently about.

Thank you, Rabbi Freeman and thanks to your team! Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman December 18, 2012

For Chaim How else am I going to know that there's someone out there who actually reads the blogs? Reply

chaim sm, ca December 18, 2012

no blog on this one? Or is it completly self explanatory? :) Yasher Koach! Reply

Anonymous December 9, 2012

Thank you for your response Thank you for your response, it has cheered me up! Reply

Anonymous ny December 9, 2012

Answer 2 4 We always pray that we be given good that we can see. Its the nature of good to do good. Although sad things happen its not bad. We just don't understand how. Sometimes, in order to get us to connect to g-d he needs to let us know he is there. Reply

Anonymous December 4, 2012

If Rabbi Tzvi could please address this question: How do you explain psychosis and delusions (Intense emotional turmoil involved (Paranoia and terror), for example, feeling like your in another dimension, television spouting out insane rubbish, endless or never ending De-Ja-Vu (ironic coincidences), staring at the clear sun without flinching or feeling any strain on the eyes? Multiple Hospitlizations in a Psychatric Ward? Why would Hashem permit an evil programmer to overide the original intent of creation and permit the Klippot (evil programmers) to wreak havoc on the minds (nefesh ruach neshama chaya yechida) of the righteous? Reply

ND December 4, 2012

Love these, Rabbi Tzvi, thank you! Reply

Anonymous December 2, 2012

brilliant concept This is so special for the world to get to understand chassidut and the infinite. Reply

Anonymous December 2, 2012

Amazing, I hope there's a new one soon! Reply