After watching this, I want you to try to imagine yourself as a creation.

If you’ve ever created something, try to switch roles. If you’ve ever written or told a story, try to imagine yourself as a character in one of your stories. If you’ve ever drawn or painted, try to imagine yourself as some living being that you’ve set on canvas. If you’ve composed a song, try to imagine what it would be like to be that song. If you’ve baked a cake—well, that might be a little more difficult.

What’s it like to be a creation, to look around and say, “Hey, where did all this come from? Where did I come from? What was the point in making me? Does whoever made me get a kick out of me being here? What would happen if whoever created me would decide I’m not really worth the effort? Or what if that whoever would just forget I was ever created? Would I still exist?”

I know, it’s very hard for us to imagine ourselves as creations. Much easier to think of ourselves as creators.

Much easier, but so absurd. One thing I know for sure, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to create this place. So, for sure it wasn’t me.

Every moment we continue existing only out of our Creator’s delight in us. Give your Creator more delight, get more life.