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Elul Acronyms

Letters and numbers of the festivals

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Elul Acronyms: Letters and numbers of the festivals

The name of the Hebrew month Elul is spelled alef-lamed-vav-lamed. This corresponds to five different scriptural acronyms that represent five areas of special emphasis in Elul: 1) Torah study, 2) prayer, 3) acts of kindness, 4) repentance and 5) redemption.
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Festivals, Elul

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Christine Berlin, Germany October 11, 2014

Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your deeply inspirational teachings, dear, dear Rabbi Raskin. I had a question on my mind today and all of a sudden an urge to listen to one of your classes - and you actually provided the answer.

Maybe we'll realise that body and soul do always work together if we do not focus on the physical, but on the spiritual plane.
For a while on some Sundays I was almost craving for a certain kind of bread, on others I did not.
Whenever I had that appetite, a certain person was working at the bakery, and, as it was Sunday, we always had time for a talk - which I think was important.
When I went there without really wanting anything, just to "check" who was working in order to verify that my body was "correct", I could be sure he was not there.
My bond with him was not strong enough that he would pull me as a person, but my body found a way to make the connection. Reply

Elaine Omaha, NE August 30, 2012

Atzmus B"H

Perhaps the answer is that in the era of
Moshiach, the body will no longer be at
war with the soul, but rather will work with
the soul in perfect harmony--the ultimate
unity in the "lowest physical realm" to
experience Atzmus. Reply

Anonymous cleveland, oh August 29, 2012

Atzmus "the soul will nurture from the body" - if the soul is in essence G-dly and spiritual, how can it ever take nurture from something physical like the body? (other than the physical housing) But I think I understand a bit, that is, that by going beyond our comfort zone, we then are giving more to the soul or nurturing the soul. Thank you. Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn, Ny August 26, 2012

Atzmus-Now The era of moshiach and resurrection is a time when the soul will nurture from the body. This is when Atzmus will be experienced. Not in paradise, the world of souls. However, when we go beyond our comfort zone we experience a personal geula and we then touch Atzmus! Reply

domenico toronto, canada August 24, 2012

Rav Raskin on Elul Dear Rav,
you are powerful, scholarly, inspirational and exceedingly pleasant to follow. You are the epitome of everything Chabad and Chassidus stand for. In this month of Elul let's commit to build the bridge between these teachings and their practical applications. Not everyone sees them. Be like Moses and listen to your Yisro. G-d Bless you. Reply

Leah Lapidus Cleveland, OH August 24, 2012

Atzmus I just have trouble understanding how "Atzmus" can be included in our discussion if such a level can only be obtained after leaving this world (person not limited to body) or so I've understood - perhaps I misunderstood. How can "geulah" correspond to atzmus if geulah is supposed to be obtainable in the here and now and atzmus is when a person is not limited to time, space and body? Reply

jeanne marquet elizabethtown, PA usa August 22, 2012

This is a new approach to me. So awesomely beautiful an opening to preparing for the year to come. Thank you Reply

eugenia fedoseyeva san francisco August 19, 2012

Elul Acronyms Thanks, BH!
Your guidance helps to keep it real, reconnection, teshuva.

It makes somuch sense mind&body, biological-wise, too. Reply

james Kansas city, Kansas-usa August 16, 2012

higher level B"H
If he strived and succeded believe him!! Reply

Irene Glen Burnie, MD USA August 16, 2012

Month of Elul This teaching is such a blessing for me. Words cannot express my joy in listening to you teach it.

Shalom Rabbi, May all the blessings that G-d has for you bring you many days of joy and happiness. Reply

Elaine Omaha, NE August 15, 2012

Thank You G-d Bless You. Just wanted to express my
appreciation for your teaching videos. They are used by HaShem to deeply water and
nourish both soul and spirit. Thank you for your profound commitment and for sharing that which you have been given and the doors that have been opened to you. May you likewise be blessed in return. All the best.
Elaine Reply

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