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Where Is G‑d’s Home?

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Where Is G-d's Home?

A strange detail in the construction of the Temple’s “Holy of Holies” reveals the secret of where G‑d lives.
Terumah, Ahavat Yisrael, Mishkan, Keruvim

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Mariab Pasadena, Ca February 9, 2019

Hashem is good. I must be as Hashem is. Rabbi, definitively you are inspired. I understood this: Hashem created all of us in the same way. With the same breathing of life. He is good. We have two soul. One soul is good one soul isn't. To love our fellow is good. Then, it is obvious if we want to follow Hashem we must to love our fellow. We need to control our not good soul. Amazing. For this reason He sent to Moses to built the two querubeen. Only exist me and the fellows. Thanks Rabbi. Reply

Mori Goldlist Toronto, Canada December 18, 2013

Where is G-d's Home? Wow, for a second there I though that He might be lost? Reply

Menachem Yerushalayim December 13, 2013

The most important mitzvah - Ahavat Yisroel More important than any other , the lack of which is what kept the gentleman from entering the " exclusive " Beit Knesset. Reply

Durval Knox Brazil December 11, 2013

I just want to thank you Rabbi Dov Greenberg for this words of truly wisdom. I'm sure that Hashem this time spoke through your mouth.
G-d bless you

Anonymous Citrus Springs May 20, 2013

Just beautiful. Reply

Angela Hoffberg February 15, 2013

We must reach the Holy of Holies. We can desire the Creator so much, then we actually reach Him. This is exactly what Enoch did, what many Hasidic rabbis do. We can actually separate our body from our Spirit. I've been in many synagogues where G-d has not been. I've been in places that are not considered holy where G-d is. We make our home as we so desire. Reply

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