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Be a Blessing

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Be a Blessing

What is the meaning of the Jewish mandate to “be a blessing” to all humanity?
Ohr L'amim; Light to the Nations

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June August 4, 2013

grape juice Just to clarify - Catholic priests who suffer from alcoholism may use a form of grape juice called "mustum" which is grape juice in which a very minimal amount of fermentation has taken place, but just enough to call it wine. Reply

Hana-Bashe Baltimore, MD USA May 24, 2013

Exquisite Torah That was really lovely and uplifting. Can't wait to share this with my family over the Shabbos table (no worries - I took notes!) Yasher ko'ach. Reply

KAREN May 23, 2013

Beyond outstanding. Great orator. Reply

kelly Fisher winnipeg, canada May 17, 2011

thank you! Thank you Rabbi.
Your teachings are simple yet profound. You have a great gift of wisdom.
Thank you for sharing Reply

Maria Martinez Monte Vista, Colorado February 4, 2011

Be a Blessing Enjoyed the video Rabbi Greenberg. I will pass on the information when it is needed. Thank you Reply

Anonymous Albuquerque, NM February 3, 2011

Blessing to Humanity So true and thank you for clarifying this. Through the purity of the teachings and making available to all, without distinguishing whether one is a Jew or non-Jew, will make the world a better place and bring peace on earth for all. Reply

Patricia via February 1, 2011

Segregated consciousnss You are only a blessing to humanity when humanity realizes that they too are a blessing. Reply

Listen for two minutes. Think about it all day. Brief Torah insights from Rabbi Dov Greenberg.
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