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Rabbi Gordon - Lech-Lecha: 5th Portion

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Ann Throckmorton Riverdale GA November 10, 2016

As for "everything is found in the Torah": it occurs to me (and to others, I'm sure) that today's Parshah, with the story of the 4 kings vs. 5 kings; and "how could it be that 4 kings win, over 5 kings" etc. is the Parshah on the very day that Donald Trump surprisingly is elected the 45th President of USA. Reply

Moshe Brafman October 9, 2013

You make a an error in saying the stars of the heaven or sand of the sea shore it is not "or" but "and" because in your usage you turn the blessing into a blessing or a curse and it is only a blessing.
that the Jewish people will be like the stars of the heaven history proves this just count the number of Nobel prize winners just this week two more were added to the list.
"and the sand of the sea shore this two is even a greater blessing again history has time and time again repeated how one nation after another has tried to get rid of the Jewish people and just like the sand at the sea no matter how you kick it stomp it dig in it it will always be there this is even a greater blessing then the former. Reply

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