A tzadik brings you to discover who you truly are.

You are light.

If the times are times of light, he can awaken you to know that light.

If the times are dark, he can squeeze out the pure oil within you and set you afire so that you will become a bright light in the darkness.

But to absorb that light and make it one with you,
that it should become the most obvious thing in your life,
that it should cause you to scream out on a normal day, when everything seems fine to the rest of the world, “Why? How could this be? How long can we wait for the entire world to become light?!”

…that is a job the tzadik must leave to you.

And when you attain it, you will have reached to the very essence of all light, a light that is everywhere at all times.

And now the tzadik, too, will have attained that essence-light.

Maamar V'attah Tetzaveh, 5741. This was the last edited maamar of the Rebbe, and he personally handed it out.