Do not pray.

Prayer means to ask for something. Sometimes there’s something to ask for, so you pray. Sometimes there’s nothing to ask for. So you don’t pray.

But Jews don’t pray. Jews practice tefillah.

Tefillah means to bond. Bond with the Infinite Light from which all things come.

Because your essential self is in perpetual bond with that light.

It’s only that now you’ve become tied up with a body. The body needs stuff. You get tied up with that stuff. Your bond with the light can become weakened.

So every day there are times for reconnecting. Refreshing that bond. Tightening that bond.

That’s why tefillah is for everybody, at any time.

Even someone who has no needs must still reconnect every day.

And if you do have needs, ask for them by connecting. Bond yourself with the Infinite Light, so that divine energy will come through you and into our world to heal the sick, to cause the rain to fall, to give life.

Likutei Sichot, vol. 2, pg. 410.