There are two paths you could take:
An easier, further path or a harder, closer path.

Knowing that G‑d is everything, you may wish to reject all the world stands for. Since everything is emptiness, you may deny yourself even necessities, living far and removed from the banalities of mankind, engaging only in the truths of the spirit, running from the confines of physical, mundane life.

This is the easier path.

On the other hand, knowing that within each thing G‑d can be found, you may be inspired to refine and elevate our world, struggling with all its facets to find their true purpose, grabbing every opportunity to squeeze out a little more of the world’s inherent good, living a spiritual life by using physical things in an enlightened way.

Both paths are true paths upon which many tzadikim have tread. But it is from the second, more difficult path that we will benefit the most. For this way, heaven will be discovered on earth.

Based on a letter printed in Kfar Chabad Magazine #955.