By the Grace of G‑d
25 Teves, 5718
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and Blessings!

In answer to your letter from 21 Teves, in which you write that you are having difficulties with earning a livelihood, to the extent that (you think) you were forced to work on Shabbos and Jewish Holidays (G‑d forbid!) and even by doing so, you and your family are lacking basic necessities:

Certainly you understand that G‑d is the Creator of the world and its Director, and you also understand that G‑d is the Giver of the Torah. It is therefore not at all possible that the One directing the world will direct it in such a way, that someone should be forced to transgress the commandment of the Director. An additional proof is that you yourself see that you are lacking basic necessities, [despite working on Shabbos and Jewish holidays]. However, since a person was created perfectly, that good should result from his free choice, the person isn't forced into this [not working on Shabbos and Jewish Holidays] and eventually he will see the good before him, i.e., the true good, not only in a spiritual sense but also materially.

Since G‑d wants to give a person much reward, and the reward is according to the pain, sometimes the person is presented with a test, which is its purpose, as it says, "For I am testing...," etc.

When you withstand the test, not only are you given reward in the World to Come, but also in this world. And you will come to realize that the whole thing was only a test in order to increase the reward, by improving your livelihood, good health, and most importantly, true nachas [pleasure] from your children.

I hope that these lines, which are few in number, will suffice for you to immediately conduct yourself according to the commandments of our Torah, the Torah of Life. Even though at first the difficulties will not pass, I am certain that it won't be long before you will see that you choose the good, and you will be granted an increase of blessings from the Creator of the World, Who is the Giver of the Torah, in all that you and your family need.

Awaiting good tidings regarding all that was mentioned,

On behalf of the Rebbe


(Igros Kodesh, Vol XXVI, p. 239)