By the Grace of G‑d
27th of Shevat, 5721 [February 13, 1961]
Brooklyn, NY.

I received your letter of the 20th of Shevat, in which you bring to my attention the problem of a certain businessman in your community, Mr. K., who is generally an observant Jew, but is involved in a business which makes it difficult for him to observe Shabbat, but now a suggestion was made to him to enter another field in which he could avoid the desecration of Shabbat.

It is clear to the unbiased mind, and even to plain common sense, that the Almighty, Who is the Giver of the Torah and Mitzvos, is also the Creator and Master of the World, Whose benevolent Providence extends to everyone individually. Therefore when G‑d commanded us to live in the way of the Torah and Mitzvos, He has also given us the ability to live accordingly under all circumstances and He has given us also the power to overcome any obstacles. It is only a matter of will and determination on the part of every Jew, since, potentially, he has the fullest capacity to live up to the will and commandments of G‑d, the Creator and Master of the world. It is also obvious that this is the only way for a Jew to be truly happy, materially and spiritually. It is only because G‑d is infinitely merciful and patient that He does not immediately impose the consequences of any breach of His commandments, in order to permit the individual to mend his ways.

It is also equally obvious that no lasting good can come from breaking G‑d's laws, especially such a fundamental law as Shabbat observance, for the important thing is not how much money a person earns, but that he should be able to spend it in good health and on happy things, which is entirely in the hands of G‑d. In view of the above, it is quite clear what your attitude (of the businessman in question) should be, even if there were no other immediate business proposition. For it is necessary, without delay, to give up the kind of business which interferes with Shabbat observance, with the full confidence that He who feeds and sustains three billion people and all living things will also be able to take care of the individual and his family, and provide him with a source of parnosso which should not be in conflict with the will of G‑d.

I trust you will convey the above to the gentleman in question, as well as to others who might be in a similar position. Hoping to hear good news from you,