By the Grace of G‑d
14th of Elul, 5743
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

This is in reply to your letter of the 8th of Elul, for which many thanks.

Not in the order of topics, but in the order of relative importance, I will begin with the conclusion of your letter, which, moreover, appears under a P.S. But I think that the real reason for it appearing in a P.S., rather than within the body of the letter, is that it is way above the letter. For in the P.S. you speak of “acquiring shares” in G‑d’s business, whereas in the letter you write about shares in a man-made corporation – though the latter too, of course, is under the guidance of HaShem, as all human activities.

I am referring to your pledge towards the expansion of the sacred Torah institution which instructs and educates G‑d’s children in G‑d’s Torah – not just to enrich their knowledge, but to enrich their everyday life by embodying the principles and teachings of the Torah, and making certain also that the children and grandchildren of these students will follow in their path.

May G‑d grant that you should fulfill your pledge with joy and gladness of heart, especially as it will surely serve as an inspiring example for many of your friends to emulate. And you will have a share in the Zechus of those who are influenced by you.

You are, of course, right in observing that the period when “The King is in the Field” makes it most auspicious to receive G‑d’s blessings. May G‑d grant that in light of this, and also, as we are living in the jet age, HaShem will speed the fulfillment of your pledge even sooner than anticipated, as has been your experience in the past.

Turning to the subject matter of your letter which, although secondary in relation to the importance of your pledge in G‑d’s “company”, the investment about which you write has an additional significance in that it will also enable you to fulfill your pledge more easily. As usual, the cause precedes the effect. May G‑d grant that in this too the Hatzlocho will be even greater than anticipated.

At this time, when, as mentioned, “The King is in the Field,” I extend prayerful wishes to you both, to raise your children to a life of Torah, Chuppah and Good Deeds, and have true Yiddish Nachas from each and all of them, in good health, joy and gladness of heart.

Wishing you and all yours a Kesivo vaChasimo Tovo, for a good and sweet year materially and spiritually.

With blessing,

/The Rebbe’s signature/

P.S. With your indulgence, I come with the following remarks, which are made with reservations. First, that what follows does in no way minimize what has been said above in regard to G‑d’s blessings for Hatzlocho.

Second, though I have heard from my father-in-law of saintly memory that, as a rule, “one should not volunteer advice,” I made an exception in the present instance, on the basis of our longstanding friendship.

I therefore venture to express the thought that perhaps it may be wise at this point not to let your business interests in various areas exceed unduly. I am certain that, as a practical and experienced businessman, you do not make a business decision without first carefully weighing all facts and getting the benefit of expert counseling, and the like. And, as stated above, I am confident that your undertakings and commitments as of now will be with Hatzlocho. But it would seem to me that it would be good to avoid further distraction from your present business by new business propositions. If there is an accumulation of capitol in which you are already involved, have the knowhow, connections, etc.

May G‑d grant that here, too, you will enjoy HaShem’s guidance and blessings in the fullest measure.