By the Grace of G‑d
Erev Purim, 5741 [March 19, 1981]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

To All Participants in the
Chanukat Habayit of the New Synagogue
"The Persian Jewish Center of Brooklyn"

Greeting and Blessing:

I was very pleased to be informed of the Chanukat Habayit [dedication ceremony] of the New Synagogue and Center, which is to take place on the day after Shushan Purim, and may G‑d grant that it should be with utmost Hatzlocho.

The importance of the event, as well as its timely relevance to Purim, are self-evident. As everybody knows, the Miracle of Purim occurred in Persia, as related in detail in Megillat Esther. And ever since, "these days (of Purim) are remembered and observed every year by all Jews everywhere" - in the spirit of the first Purim, which brought about a renewal and resurgence of Jewish commitment to the Torah and Mitzvos, as if they had just been received from G‑d at Sinai.

What makes the event even more relevant is the fact that the new Synagogue and Center will serve the spiritual needs of the Persian Jewish children in the area. For, as our Sages tell us, the Miracle of Purim was brought about by the Jewish children in Persia in those days, who bravely disregarded the threats by the wicked Haman, and gathered around Mordechai Hayehudi [the Jew] to study Torah, absolutely determined "not to kneel nor bow down" to any force that would alienate Jews from the way of the Torah.

By the Grace of G‑d we live here in a country where Jews do not face a Haman. But the forces of alienation are nevertheless very strong and very active. We must therefore do all we can to ensure that all our Jewish children will be able to resist the influences of the environment, and will always remain devoted and dedicated to the Jewish way of the Torah and Mitzvos.

The new synagogue and center is certainly a notable achievement in this direction, and a source of great rejoicing, not only for the Persian Jewish community, but for all our Jewish people. And through redoubled efforts to provide Torah-true education for all Jewish children and to spread and strengthen Yiddishkeit in general, we are assured of "Light, joy, gladness, and honor" in the fullest sense of these terms, and of speeding the true and complete Geulah [Redemption] through Moshiach Tzidkeinu very soon indeed.

With esteem and blessing,