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Tetzaveh Videos

Shazak Parsha: Tetzaveh
A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
Press Me!
Video | 3:29
Press Me!
Tetzaveh Parshah Report
Find out why Jono is trying to get persecuted in this week’s Parshah Report.
Who Needs to Know How Awesome You Really Are?
The natural craving that each person has for recognition from other human beings sometimes swells without bounds into a monstrous desire for fame. The secret essence of fame, however, appears only in the “loneliest” moments with G-d.
Why the Way You Dress Matters
Do clothes make the man?
Torah in Ten: Tetzaveh
Topics include: Kohen, Levi and Israelite as the "core emotional building blocks of the universe," the spiritual reason why there are twelve tribes, and the seven day process of inaugurating the Tabernacle as a culmination of the Seven Days of Creation.
Wool and Linen—Shatnez
Practical Parshah—Tetzaveh
The priestly garments were allowed to contain an admixture of wool and linen that is normally forbidden. Why is this? And why is it normally prohibited?
Meet Your Mini Moses
Life Lessons from Parshat Tetzaveh
The portion of Teztaveh coincides around the birthday and passing of Moses. The special qualities of Moses’ leadership enable us to discover our very own potential.
Pure Olive Oil
Video | 30:47
Pure Olive Oil
Parshah Power - Tetzaveh
The Torah specifies the olive oil used for kindling the menorah in the Holy Temple to be pure. The classical commentaries provide two approaches in the understanding of pure.
Connecting Purim and the Portion of Tetzaveh
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Tetzaveh
Purim usually coincides with the week in which we read the Torah portion of Tetzave. To find the hidden connection between Purim and Tetzave, we examine the five times the word "Purim" is written in the Megillah and ask why three of those five times it is missing the letter vav.
The World on His Shoulders
How to Study Torah - Tetzaveh
The High Priest's garments included ebony epaulets that he wore on his shoulders. What was the symbolism of these ornaments?
Parsha Gems: Tetzaveh
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Parshah Insights: Tetzaveh
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Mnemonics: Tetzaveh
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Tetzaveh contains 101 verses and the mnemonic is the name Michael. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah and the day of Adar 7 (Moses’s birthday and yahrtzeit).
Why the Choshen Went Full Bling
Parshah Curiosities: Tetzaveh
Parshat Tetzaveh contains Divine instructions about fashioning sacred priestly vestments. The most extraordinary and exquisite of them all: the High Priest’s magical Breastplate. Stunningly adorned with 12 precious gemstones set in purest gold; representing the Tribes of Israel before G-d—radiating incredible light, beauty and mystical power. It had to be securely fastened upon the heart of the Kohen Gadol; seemingly emblematic of national equality. Yet, a deeper analysis indicates gross disparities instead. This remarkable lecture delves into a wide range of sources to radically reframe the Breastplate paradigm and ultimately serves to define diversity from a Torah-true perspective!
Losing Yourself to Find Yourself
A Taste of Text—Tetzaveh
When “giving in” can actually help you achieve what you essentially want.
Mayanot Moment - Tetzaveh
Amongst the holy garments of the High Priest was the Tzitz, a golden band worn on the forehead, which was engraved with the words "Holy to G d." what is the significance of this special ornament?
Be Like a Child with Special Needs
Two Types of Offerings
Something Spiritual on Parshat Tetzaveh
Turning the Negative into a Positive
Something Spiritual on Parshat Tetzaveh and Adar
Honorable Clothing
Something Spiritual on Parshat Tetzaveh
Judgement Rests on Top of the Heart
Something Spiritual on Parshat Tetzaveh
When You're Crushed by Life
Growing Weekly: Parshat Tetzaveh
Reveal Your Essence
Soul Boost for Parshat Tetzaveh
The Names of the Tribes on the Ephod
The High Priest's apron-like garment called the "ephod" had gems over the shoulder straps with the names of the twelve tribes engraved in them. The classical sources differ as to the order in which the tribes were named on the jewels. A spiritual interpretation of these opinions is that they describe two kinds of Jewish unity. (Based on Likutei Sichos, vol. 31.)
7 Adar and Moshe Rabbeinu
Video | 23:28
7 Adar and Moshe Rabbeinu
Parsha Tetzaveh
Moshe Rabbeinu's birthday and yahrzeit on the 7th of Adar always coincides with the reading of the Torah portion Tetzaveh, the one parshah where Moshe's name is glaringly omitted. Rabbi Dubinsky also speaks about the importance of following the daily study cycle of Rambam which had just been completed for the 30th time.
The Tzitz
Video | 18:41
The Tzitz
The gold band worn by the high priest
One of the special garments and articles worn by the high priest in the Holy Temple was a golden band placed on the forehead. Understanding the significance and symbolism of the Tzitz.
When Did a Kohen First Become a Kohen?
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on inaugurating the kohanim
Rashi implies that Aaron and his sons only became priests after the Sanctuary had been built. The Rebbe explains that if Rashi had not highlighted this issue, we may have thought the greatest Kohen of all time, Aaron, might have been disqualified from service.
Ripping the Kohen’s Clothing
Video | 41:52
Ripping the Kohen’s Clothing
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the High Priest’s robe
It’s obvious that one needs to respect holy items, so what deeper lesson does the Torah want to teach us when it instructs against tearing the cloak of the High Priest?
Judaism on the Move
Video | 49:29
Judaism on the Move
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 16, Parsha Tetzaveh
Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 2nd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 3rd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 4th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 5th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 6th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 7th Portion
The Holiest Altar
Video | 6:48
The Holiest Altar
The verse in Parshas Tetzaveh states: “The Altar is holy of holies, all that touches it shall become sanctified.” Chabad Chassidic teaching explains that the Holy Altar corresponds to the heart of every Jew.
Tetzaveh – A Jewish Celebrity Is Missing
Our parshah this week contains a glaring omission. The name of Judaism's greatest leader, Moses, is not to be found at all in the portion! Tune in and find out where Moses was hiding!
Constant Connection
“And they shall build for me a Sanctuary and I will dwell within them.” The Sages explain: “within them” – within the heart of every single Jew.
More on Mishkan Metals (Part 2)
Parshat Terumah’s “Mishkan Metals” presented gold, silver and copper standards of dedication; yet utilitarian iron was cast aside. The continued development of this thesis now begins with a missed Midrash that’s richly illuminated. Then on to Babylon; one young prophet is inspired to craft a diorama, while another tasked with interpreting an Emperor's nightmares – both of which foreshadow the balance of world history. Fascinating commentary, resonating with relevancy, is climaxed by latter-day mystical teachings providing extraordinary clarity and a happy ending!
Maamar Ve'atah Tetzaveh, Part 1
Chassidic Discourse on Nurturing Faith
V’atah Tetzaveh is the last maamar the Rebbe edited and personally distributed to chassidim. The discourse explains how the Jewish leader assists the Jew in strengthening, nurturing and internalizing the soul’s essential faith.
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