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Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 7th Portion

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Mark Zelkin March 2, 2015

Two questions. 1. Members of Sunhedrin in the time of Second Temple were also members of Men of Great assembly? 2. Sunhedrin and Men of the great assembly ( Knesset) - two different branches of the Second Temple government??
Thank you Mark Reply

Anonymous Bournemouth, UK February 12, 2014

Does the reason for the description of the incense offering vessle come at the end of this weeks Parsha as opposed to the rest of the Tabernachle details of building being given before have to do with "Tikkun olam"? (homework) In that the descion made by Adam to sin that plunged the world into being seperated from what Hashem had intened was as a result of his body not resisting the temptation, that is apart from one part of the body that is related to the nose and sense of smell? After all it was here that in the creation of the world when Hashem willed all into existance Torah describes, however that when it came to man it was a process of taking mud/dust whch is the least of the four catagories, making a human like form, and then forceably blowing the human soul into to it from. Likewise in the World to Come the prophet Ezikle describes the resurection, when bodies will be gathered togeter and a soul 'placed' in them. Why not 'blown'? Because the rest of the body will then be made like that part of the body that is now not under the pressure of having to be reunited with G-dlyness, i.e there wont be any resistance.

Before that takes place we only have this part already connected at ease, hence seperate? Reply

Anonymous Atlanta February 4, 2014

Toda rabba Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon I wanted to express my thanks to you for your, 'haimeshe', good humor, feel good personal stories, & dedication to chinuch for all, & exemplifying, 'derech eretz'. you have many such comments that testifies to this, of which i am, but one. toda raba. Good shabbas. Reply

Moriah Peoria February 23, 2013

Perfect Timing & Delivery Rabbi... You never fail to deliver with your quick witted, insightful comments that always has me chuckling. Thank you for always enlivening my days

A heartfelt thanks for your devotion & dedication to teaching TORAH. Your Chumash & Tanya video teachings are resident on my computer desktop.
Shemos 24:7 Reply

Carole Holt Bournemouth, England UK June 8, 2012

Cleaning the garments I am very interested in the cleaning of the garments. Who cleaned them and how often were they cleaned. All that blood and olive oil would very soon start to smell in all that heat. But I cannot find anything about how they kept the garments clean. Reply

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