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Why the Way You Dress Matters

Do clothes make the man?

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Why the Way You Dress Matters: Do clothes make the man?

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Rachel Bailenson 60098 via JewishTV iOS March 4, 2020

Thank you Rabbi so much for giving this short talk. It’s so needed today. Reply

Alicia Madrid March 10, 2017

To Angela Hoffberg (Richland) Dear Angela Hoffberg,
I think you are partly right, because one person is much more than his/her clothes. However, G-d gave us eyes to admit what is obvious and to honor and respect h-m in the visual beauty.

Shabat Shalom Reply

Angela Hoffberg Richland March 10, 2017

I enjoyed the video-- although I see a different part of the elephant. Clothes don't make the man. Whether a person has a good heart shines. I'm okay, God's okay when the clothing the rabbi had on. Hope this snooty nurse learned a lesson. Don't judge! Reply

Alicia Madrid March 10, 2017

What about uniforms ? Hi dear Rabbi Jacov Barber, thanks for your speach, I was missing them.

I remember the beautiful film entitle "Yentl" and the scene with the taylor, that makes the unforgeteable song "One of those moments".

Shabat Shalom

Alicia Reply

Jermane Enoch Atlanta, Georgia December 13, 2016

Rabbi Barber. I really enjoy your presentation on dress. We have gotten away from resecting God and his temple. It's so refreshing to hear your video on dress. Reply

Eric Sarasota, Fl USA March 31, 2016

Most excellent. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Boron February 18, 2016

Modesty I loved your presentation, but what about those who have no knowledge of Hashem? Yet, they walk into a temple wanting to be part of it. We must not judge, but allow that person to have a relationship with Hashem. Scriptures will convict the person who is not dressed in a modest way. Just my opinion. Reply

Shirley (Shailey) Saguds Ottawa Ontario, Canada February 18, 2016

Finally an answer to an age old question. Beautifully presented and so logical. Thank you. (Where were you when we were raising our four children - this was often a battle) Again my profound thanks. Reply

Levi Jaffe February 17, 2016

Excellent presentation! thank you Rabbi Barber Reply

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