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Rabbi Gordon - Tetzaveh: 1st Portion

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Richard Hoerster Midland, Texas February 6, 2022

I appreciate the teaching of Rav Gordan and his humor that he interjects. May blessings be poured out upon everyone at Chabad for making his teachings available. And may Rav Gordan's soul ascend to new heights each time someone learns from his lessons. Reply

Mk Clt February 18, 2018

I love Rabbi Gordon. What a funny guy. Makes many difficult mornings much easier, brighter, lighter. Thank you for that. I really appreciate you. Reply

Tirtzah 95563 March 7, 2017

Clarity Rabbi Gordon makes everything so understandable and he is the image of kindness .....with a touch of humor. Reply

Anonymous PA March 5, 2017

who does the kohen gadol play chess with Reply

Anonymous PA March 5, 2017

ha ha a lot of jokes Reply

David Gerry February 18, 2013

Baal Ha Turin Chumash Who is the writer and book company for the Baal Ha Turim you use for Torah study? Reply

Dovid Olensky North Miami Beach February 6, 2022
in response to David Gerry:

Some "simple" Hebrew volumes of Chumash include Baal HaTurim. I think that's what Rabbi Gordon is using.
For English, you can search for "Baal Haturim Chumash - 5 - Volume Set" or individual volumes, available from some Judaica stores or online. It's from Artscroll Mesorah Publications.
Isbn 10: 1578191335
Isbn 13: 9781578191338
BTW, I love Baal HaTurim! Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon encino February 18, 2013

Mixture of wool and linen Like with many other things, "shatnez" was permitted in the Mishkan. Reply

Paul Martinez Long Beach, CA via JewishTV Android March 2, 2020
in response to Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon:

Thank you Rabbi. Are these antiquated? Reply

Anonymous February 18, 2013

Mixture of wool and linen The Mishkan coverings were made from wool intertwined with linen, which is shatnez, prohibited to wear. Please comment. Reply

Rob Oldenbanning Tampa, FL, USA February 16, 2013

Is G-D forgetting us? This is a question about Exodus 28:12.

My first language is Dutch. Therefore, your Yiddish jokes are highly appreciated, because I understand most of them. Nevertheless, Dutch is a very direct language, more so than English.

The English translation of verse 28:12 is, “…and Aaron shall carry their names before the Lord upon his two shoulders as a remembrance.” As you said, “G-D will remember their [the Israelites’] righteousness.” However, the Dutch Tanach translates the same verse slight differently, (paraphrased), the everlasting-One will remember the Israelites when Aaron carries their names before the Lord.

Hence my question, why does G-D need a reminder of Israel’s righteousness? Alternatively, why does G-D need a reminder at all? After all, isn’t G-D all-knowing?

There are more passages in the Bible where G-D reminds himself about situations (e.g., Genesis 8:1, 30:22, and Exodus 2:24).

Many thanks!

Ps. which book do you use for the Gematria? Reply

Shalom Pete Cloverdale, CA July 16, 2020
in response to Rob Oldenbanning:

It is simply circumstance. Ceremonial. Like any good court, there is a recorder. An official record. It is for our benefit, and to disqualify the accuser.

Bless the memory of Rabbi Gordon Reply

David Gerry Lees Summit, MO February 9, 2011

Book used to study? Rabbi,

What is the specific name for Balitorim and what is the isbn book number. I would like to buy that book. Blessings and Shalom! Reply

robert solodow February 8, 2011

book many thanks Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA February 8, 2011

Book THE TABERNACLE by Moshe Levine publshed by The Soncino Press Limited Reply

robert Solodow san Francisco, cA February 7, 2011

book what is the title of the book you use to illustrate the temple, its contents and the garments worn, please. i would like to buy it.

thanks. Reply

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