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How often have you said to yourself, "Get me out of here!"? But you didn't know just how to free yourself...
Conformism & Non-Conformism, Freedom; Independence

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Hopeless Vilnius July 24, 2016

Sad Music Why do you speak about freedom with such a sad music in the background? Reply

Aziz Algeria May 7, 2015

Freedom. Chana,

Enjoyed listening. I do that for many type of small animals. It makes me feel great when they're free. Thanks. Reply

Nonna December 12, 2008

Absoulute Freedom for Real From the first time i have watched this episode my mind filled up with inconsistent thoughts and feelings. I felt that something is hidden in more deepest levels here in this message, and i couldn't stop thinking about it day and night.

One day i spent in meditating, and step by step i found absolutely new meaning, like gates to another dimension. As they opened the whole of my subjective world bringing absolutely new meaning and (don't know how to describe), it concerns every aspect of our life, it is better to say - covers all my life and lifting it up to a new level. Reply

Hope MIami, USA November 27, 2008

Thank You for the lessons. I felt the comments here and the lesson were about me. I am going through the same situation as that poor fly. I see myself caught up in the daily stress and don't know how to get out. At times I get fatigued and wanting to cry. It is good to know that am not alone and that the ones who haven through it are here to give an advice. Reply

Anonymous Chicago, Illinois November 25, 2008

our whole family loves watching each new video Each time I open this site, our whole family looks forward to your new message/learning that inspire us to always grow in our Yiddishkeit....

thank you...keep up the great work. Reply

Orli NY November 25, 2008

Simple and True I absolutely loved the use of the fly being trapped in the screen of the door as an illustration of how we often feel stuck in the same routines, unable to free ourselves from our regular habits.

How true it is that, just like the fly had to be pushed to its freedom even as the door had been opened for it it finally fly away, so do we usually need the assistance of an objective, outside eye to help open our own eyes to the truth of our overly controlled existence.

But, as I have been fortunate to experience, G-d/Hashem, in His abundant kindness, will often send just the right person and/or situation our way to be that sorely needed 'helping hand' to prod the door open to our escape to greater growth. Reply

Fly November 24, 2008

So true So true. What a perfect example to describle what we all go through on a regular basis. Reply