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Are You Swayed by Public Opinion?

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Swayed by Public Opinion?

How much of your perspective is influenced by others?
Conformism & Non-Conformism, Abraham, Self Esteem; Self Confidence

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Daniel Rosenberg London October 12, 2010

beauty i do sometimes get some great pieces from chabad but none as wonderful as this Reply

Anonymous Atl. Hlds, NJ December 10, 2008

HaShem's perfect timing! I received your video from a friend today, and it was with "HaShem's Perfect Timing"...
I had the most upsetting day today. I've worked in the same company for 8 years. I am not Jewish, but I celebrate all of HaShem’s days and no longer the Christian ones. Work decided for the 1st time to put up an artifical tree today and I have the only office that faces where it is going. I went home and was so upset at the thought of how to handle this.
Thank you for this message! I'm going in work tomorrow with Chanukah items and I will proudly display them! :)
May others find courage also, as I have found in your message. Thank you so VERY much! B'H Reply

Tehillah Ruth owasso, ok September 18, 2008

Public Opinion Chana, excellent reminder and more than that, exactly what is so needed these days on so many different levels and aspects in our daily routine lives. I believe that I was meant to read this for reasons I shall not get into here. However, if it is the will of HaShem that our paths cross (in person) I will tell you just how much your message meant to me. Thanks for the impact !!! You just saved a Jew. Reply

Linda North Palm Beach, FL September 18, 2008

Red and Blue Wow. I never would have noticed that. I was thinking about my political opinion being swayed when I watched this. I had very sure sense of my candidate until sitting in a circle at kiddush and being baraged with the other's opinions. While I was there, I actually caved and changed my opinion. However, by the time I got home and had time to think, I returned to my original convictions. So the study may have shown that people in that room "changed" their opinions at that moment, but they could have returned to their original thoughts when they left. Maybe we are developed this way in order to reduce conflict with our fellow man/woman. I would be interested in knowing if the study did a follow up after they left the pressure of the group. Reply

Anonymous Jerusalem, Israel September 15, 2008

do something about it...too late? not my business? thank u for this great reminder!question:
My cousin sent me an invitation for her wedding with a non-Jew. The invitation was designed as a promotion for a new movie. And that is what it is exactly – a movie, an event of no real value and in my opinion a very negative act.
Even though we have not been intouch for years, the bond exists, she specifically called my family abroad to ask for my address to mail me the invitation.
For days I have been thinking of how to relate to it – part of me wanted to send her a letter stressing that I really care for who she is but at the same time wanting to wish her "to know and have the guts to do what she needs to do in her life when she has to do it" and writing all the reasons why she should not do it-and then i drop the idea. By not writing to her am i indifferent/ not standing for the truth? Or my silence would be an answer of itself? She did not ask my opinion so should I be “teaching her the truth” at this point and time? Reply

Jacob Best California September 15, 2008

Great video Well, I was inspired by this video, because despite not going with the flow of people, I don't take the time to educate them on their misconceptions. Thanks! Reply

Greg S. Staten Island, NY September 14, 2008

Nice general commentary in questioning everything that is put out there(although it doesn't mean that we should be so stiff necked to ponder the veracity of another perspective). However, is there a political message trying to be relayed by the red and blue figures?-cause if there were, that would be highly inappropriate of Chabad to insinuate a skewed, divisive message on American political views. Reply

Joan Zia Kahn Metar, Israel September 9, 2008

Great Video! Thank you Chana! All young people should be made to see this video! Reply

Morton Bodanis Montreal, Canada September 8, 2008

Are you swayed by others? Chana, I know from where you are coming, and I sympathize with you. But mostl of our knowledge and information comes from others. It can be very difficult to discern what is the truth. I was once having a heated discussion with a non-Jewish acquaintance. In order to make a point, I suggested that but for fate or pure chance, it would have been he who was defending Judaism and I who was defending Christianity. Reply

Anonymous September 7, 2008

Pronunciation Very nice.

However, the word ("Ivri") should be pronounced "EEEE-vr-eeeeeee." Reply