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The String Guy

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The String Guy

Before Itche and Jono can help a guy with his Mitzvah Pledge, they have to help him figure out why he has a string tied around his finger.
Tallit and Tzitzit

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Emily Outa noware bro!! ps yo mama December 3, 2021

''Nah I'm allergic to peaches they make me die" the string guy Reply

Emily Outa noware bro!! ps yo mama November 24, 2021

" you say tomato I say tomato" The string guy Reply

isaiah December 1, 2021
in response to Emily:

cool cool Reply

Smarty You October 8, 2021

Zebras are black with white stripes, but good job! Reply

yitty Berkovits Toronto May 19, 2020

I absolutely love Itche Kadoozy!! Reply

Mendel Labkowski St-Lazare August 28, 2020
in response to yitty Berkovits:

me to Reply

Yosi Bloom Melbourne Australia September 10, 2020
in response to Mendel Labkowski:

me three!!! Reply

a pushuta yid! imbley,ny December 9, 2020
in response to Yosi Bloom:

me four! Reply

Daniel July 4, 2021
in response to a pushuta yid!:

Me five! Reply

Me 6666666666666666666666 August 9, 2021
in response to Daniel :

Me six 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 Reply

Shprintsa Foldberger ST. November 7, 2018

ha! cool i love this video totally its amazing Reply

Yosi Bloom Melbourne Australia September 10, 2020
in response to Shprintsa Foldberger:

me to Reply

hana Florida August 9, 2021
in response to Yosi Bloom:

me three Reply

Anonymous September 28, 2018

FIRST POST OF 2018!! Reply

a pushuta yid! imbley,ny December 9, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

lol Reply

Anonymous Sydney Australia December 31, 2016

the best show ever its really nice Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 12, 2016

Very x10000000 funny! Reply

Anonymous Beachwood, Ohio/USA September 17, 2012

Russian Guy This is what they said.

Jono - (bolshoia spoceebo) Thank you very much

Cleaner - (pozhalusta) Your welcome

Jono - (dosvidania) Goodbye Reply

Daniel June 14, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

Hey thanks for the explanation I really needed that explanation 👍😁 Reply

Anonymous West Hemsted, Ny March 30, 2012

liking it Hey this is funny. I really liked it. I liked the guy who had a bad memory. He was verry funny. It was a great show. Reply

Anonymous March 9, 2010

stripeopopatumus at 4:45 read the sign in the back it says "please do not feed the stripeopopatumus"I just thought that was funny. Reply

Menachem Cylich Melbourne, VIC/Australia June 25, 2009

Three in Teffilin Just like wisdom, knowledge and understanding where understanding is a mix of the two and generosity,strictness and beauty where beauty is a mix of the two so too with yarmulkah, tzitzit and tefillin.

Yarmulkah concentrates on the thought that G-D is above us. With tzitzit we remember all the commandments of the Torah. Teffilin has two parts: The teffilin of the head and the teffilin of the arm. The head represents thought and the hand represents action.

A further difference is that Teffilin is from the Torah, tzitzit too but only if you are wearing a four cornered garment, and finally yarmulkah is a minhag (custom). Reply

Menachem Cylich Melbourne, VIC / AUS June 14, 2009

It's all relevant Check out this guide to tallis and tefillin! (
Maybe it will clear a few things up. Reply

Menachem Cylich Melbourne, VIC / AUS June 14, 2009

I'ts all relevant mordechai's point is valid.
maybe it was chol hamoed, the intermediary days in yom tov that we put a tallis on but no teffilin. Reply

Esther scottdale, usa via June 5, 2009

TO WHATS TALLIS WITHOUT TEFILLEN it doesnt make a difference.....tallis big woops...and this is obviously a video thats not for you....there doing an amzing job...keep it up!!! Reply

mordechai bklyn, ny December 22, 2007

what's tallis without tfillin? i think u should have made it tzitzis not tallis, i mean, what's a tallis witout tfillin? if barry plegded to put on a tallis, he should have first put on tfillin. tzitzis makes more sense because the strings and knots (as mentioned by barry) are realy what make you remember the 613 mitzvos. besides the strings on the tallis are tzitzis. Reply

Itche Labkowski Oakland CA May 9, 2019
in response to mordechai:

Maybe he means a Tallis Katan Reply

m bkln, ny December 19, 2007

coincidental tie? i thought the black and white striped clothing was barry's tie. was that to mix u up or just coincidental? Reply

anonymous Skokie (NOT chicago), IL November 28, 2007

Who's driving? I would assume Jono is driving, because he's on the left side of the car, but...

1. He doesn't look like he's driving

2. If I was Itche, I wouldn't let Jono drive my car. Reply

a pushuta yid! imbley,ny December 9, 2020
in response to anonymous:

same feelings Reply

Goldbloom family Chicago, IL November 25, 2007

Stripopotomus Very funny to see the sign in the zoo for the Stripopotomus...loved this edition. Great job Reply

Yossi B Brooklyn, NY November 23, 2007

Great show, but... I think the characters should wear seat belts when driving.

Keep those great shows coming- they help my son eat his meals. Reply

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