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Do-It-Yourself Tallit

How to Put on a Tallit

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Do-It-Yourself Tallit: How to Put on a Tallit

Watch these simple-to-follow instructions on how to do the mitzvah of wearing a Tallis.
Tallit and Tzitzit, Tallit

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Hinda Alaska June 12, 2022

Please enable captions to make it accessible for the Jewish Deaf folks. Todah raba. Reply

Juda June 23, 2016

Re: Avraham What is the source for all of your assertions about what the Torah both written and oral say about the Mitzvah of Talit and Tzitzit? Having learned both, I'm very puzzled (to say the least) about your assertion. If you want to learn a bit about the laws of Talit and Tzitzit I would suggest visiting Talit and Tzitzit Reply

Zvi February 6, 2016

The vast majority of Qaraite Jews do not hold that we should use Tekhelet from just any source; they actually advocate steering clear of impure sources like dyes extracted from marine creatures.
The contrarian idea you got is the belief held by a pretty small minority among them, who for many years used to dominate how the public perceived Qaraite positions.

Daniel June 1, 2013

further to Purpose by Marty in Denver i really think these 'details' matter.
They are the codes and creeds to live by because it represents how the nephesh is enabled to teach the human mind how it is that our flesh and spirit are 'knitted together' in prayer ...

This is how we begin to understand how the weaving of this G-dly tapestry becomes manifest in this world - on an elementary level ... similarly, this 'beauty of form' is present also in the jewish way of marriage : under the chupah ...

hence, i confess i'm not jewish, however, it has been made manifest to me time after time how the 'ways of the spirit belong to G-d" & so creeds and traditions are meant to reflect that 'ism' ...and further, ... that having respect for difference allows a child a better chance of understanding the mystery of the One-ness of the Shema ... for the noahides as well ...

God is everywhere, from the smallest gesture to the greatest miracle.

Thanks, chabad, for these greatly inspiring videos!! Reply

Michael Ostrowski Albany, NY August 14, 2012

Strands Why do all the strands need to be on your left? Two in front and two in the back. Reply

Anonymous Pueblo, Co August 12, 2012

Thank you I really enjoy this video it helps a lot. Thank you. Reply

Mr victor fatherheart consoler Nsugbe, Nigeria August 11, 2012

Do -it- your self Tails Dear
Shalom i love your article.But does the jewish authorities permitted people outside judaism to wear it. Reply

Patrick Hartford, CT August 10, 2012

@Marty Much of what you say is what the Karaite Jews believe. For example, they believe that we should use any blue dye for the techelet. As for the purpose being to remind us of the mitzvot. If we are to wear tzitzit at all other times, why shouldn't we wear them during prayer? It was explained to me that wearing a tallit gadol during prayer is like wearing a uniform to work. I agree that tucking in tzitzit totally defeats the purpose and I would say most Chabadniks would agree with that too. But, I'm just a layperson so I'm not an expert on any of this . Reply

Harry Rosenberg Auckland, New Zealand August 9, 2012

Tallit AMEN!!!! Reply

Raquel Alexandre Sao Paulo, Brazil August 9, 2012

Tallit Splendid! How much love and responsibility! Reply

Carlos Garcia St Petersburg, Florida August 9, 2012

Tallit Although, I'm a proselyte, I wear the talllis for the morning prayers. This instruction do make everything make sense.
Thank you Reply

Marty Denver August 8, 2012

Purpose The verses quoted, G-d wants us to wear tzitzit so that we'll be reminded of our laws when our passions might lead us astray. How likely is one to be distracted by one's passions while praying? In other words, why wear a tallis during prayer? And why not have a blue thread as commanded in the Torah? It doesn't say that the blue dye has to come from some poor unkosher snail. Any blue dye will do and then you'll be following the mitzvah, right? All the other rituals mentioned in the video, aren't they adding laws? And if so, doesn't that violate Deut 4:2 which commands us not to add laws?
And of course, the tzitzit must be worn outside the garment so they can be seen. So many tuck them in. Isn't that self defeating? Thank you Reply

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