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The Lawnchair Guy

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The Lawnchair Guy

While Jono is looking for a new adventure, Itche realizes that his Synagogue is deteriorating. Hilarity ensues.

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mendel lapine Columbis Mo August 23, 2023

gefilte fish is cute Reply

Eliazses May 1, 2023

😆😅I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Ira Bernstein February 24, 2022

A big yashar koach to Rabbi and Mrs. Itche Kadoozy for all they do for this community! Keep up the good work! And a special thank you to Jonothan Weinsteinsteinsteinstein and his pet Gefilte Fish keeping the rabbi going. Thank you and happy Purim to all! Reply

Yair Brooklyn, NY May 27, 2020

Why does Larry always go like "Ha!" After everything he says? Reply

Larryha Goldstienha Rabbi Kadoozy's lunch and learn (minus the lunch) July 1, 2021
in response to Yair:

Because he just does, HA! Reply

shaina New York March 12, 2023
in response to Yair:

I do not know I think it is funny. Reply

mendel lapine Columbia Mo August 23, 2023
in response to Yair:

It is his way of talking. Reply

CHAYA MUSHKA weston November 30, 2023
in response to Yair:

HI Reply

shaina New York June 16, 2023
in response to shaina:

Ha Reply

Itche Labkowski Oakland CA May 9, 2019

I have never seen a cooler that fits people sticking out. BTW, [email protected] is real Reply

Daniel June 14, 2021
in response to Itche Labkowski:

Wow I didn't know that 🤔 Reply

Anonymous December 31, 2016

the best show ever i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its wawsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous pr April 15, 2015

i love it Shalom im a teen please put more please i saw them all i love this im a Jewish reporter and sharing Hashems ways and his Torah so i will walk his way he is my defense i shall not removed and Hashem bless you Reply

Sarah and Chana RF March 15, 2015

Great comments I like all the comments that everyone wrote here! Reply

Chani K Holland August 3, 2020
in response to Sarah and Chana:

Me to! Reply

Corey February 28, 2014

the lawnchair guy LOL! Reply

Anonymous Myrtle Beach, SC USA August 6, 2012

ITCHE KADOOZEY IS VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Even Yisroel Tamarac, Florida June 22, 2012

Jono He rocks!!! Reply

Anonymous paris, france March 11, 2012

love ya when are you gona make a new series? Reply

Adam Huxley, Iowa May 23, 2011

For Purchase? Can we get these on dvd?! I'd love to own these! Reply

perla miami, florida January 30, 2011

video great video Reply

Jamir March 9, 2010

waseome!!! Man these guys are hillarious, keep it up guys! Reply

CHAYA MUSHKA weston November 30, 2023
in response to Jamir :


Darren telford, uk February 1, 2009

Great Dovid Taub & Jonathan Goorvich Hi I'm an Animator from the Uk, just wanted to say thankyou for filling an hour with light hearted surreal constuctive fun that brought His work and Lawback into gentle proactive fun.
Spread the word, this is quality,I will be waiting for new episodes to see where you take it, love the incidental humour and inspiration from various sources, but definatley cool... Reply

C.L. Chaim Pereira deSousa Sao Paulo, SP-Brazil November 27, 2008

baloon helicopter AWESOME!!!
really, these cartoons stand out while fullfilling a mitsvah. whatelse could I say?

to think I know some guys who are just like Jono...

keep on that great work! Reply

STM NY, NY November 11, 2008

Stellar work This manages to be utterly hilarious and surreal whilst also being very touching.

Astoundingly good - please keep up the amazing work so I can keep flooding my relatives' inboxes!! Reply

the bluming family potomac , md September 14, 2008

the lawnchair guy it is one of our favorite videos!!!! Reply

shterna ny, ny amarica July 4, 2008

123 12345678910 bring him back (g-fish) Reply