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The Minyan Guy Part III

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The Minyan Guy Part III

Rabbi Kadoozy has to find a tenth guy for a Minyan.

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Avigial Wiess (With Rivka Ley) None of your business October 8, 2021

Hello! That person "Ayala Hasis" is faking.I know her irl. She speaks English fluently! Either way, nice show. I love how just plain cute this is! Byeeeeeee :| Reply

Tzvi November 27, 2021
in response to Avigial Wiess (With Rivka Ley):

? Reply

Anonymous seattle wa December 20, 2020

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!1 They are RRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY good but I want more, I wonder if there will be any more mitzvos (Is that hoe you spell it?) ones. Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 12, 2016

Nice. Reply

Mendel and Menucha Rochel Herson Rockaway, NJ July 26, 2012

i love it amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
its a really good video Reply

ari oirechman tallahassee, florida March 30, 2012

oy vey mean's oh no Reply

Anonymous Wasilla, AK June 1, 2011

make more my daughter loves itchy kadoozy could you make more of the mitzvah guys Reply

Chani Benjaminson, March 16, 2010

Oy vey Oy vey means 'woe.' For more info on the origin of this famous expression, please see: What Does "Oy Vey" Mean? Reply

Jonathan Whitesville, KY March 16, 2010

Oy vey I always wondered what "Oy Vey" meant.
So..........What does it mean? Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, new york May 1, 2009

itche kadoozy itchy kadoozy rocks!! Reply

Anonymous Duluth, Minnesota March 10, 2009

More?? Are there any more? You haven't posted more lately, and I think with #3 we really need a continuation, or else we will just be in suspense forever!

We love Itche Kadoozy - we watch it all the time. We're waiting to hear for good news - about more Itche Kadoozies (I don't even know how to spell it yet! Is it Itche Kadoozy's? lol)

~The bigest Itche Kadoozy fans EVER!!!~ Reply

Shorty Rodriguez Queens, New York March 9, 2009

HA! whata show! Rabbi wasn't afraid of that mohawk dude Reply

csb January 26, 2009

Bayla- women in minyan Sara Esther Crispe has a great essay on this subject, called "If Women were Men"
I can't post a link, but it's worth reading! Reply

Anonymous Pheinox, AZ June 26, 2008

Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY Maybe they couldn't make something that looks a lot like a tallis, But I think that it does look like a tallis!!!!

And I think all the men should be wearing yarmulka's! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY May 22, 2008

Mamosh brilliant! I want you boys to know that this one was simply brilliant and so moving. My brother, the hard nosed shaliach cried. (And so did I.) Such talent is hard to come by.

Just one thing: Why weren't they wearing pointy, white satin yarmulkas? I'm sure it couldn't have been too much trouble to arrange it. And the forgetful guy: Why the shmatta? Why not something that looks like a tallis?

My son won't let me sign my name. Reply

avi gordon tarzana, usa via May 20, 2008

we want part 4 Reply

Anonymous May 19, 2008


A ITCHE KADOOZY FAN!! tucson, az April 16, 2008

WHAT HAPPENED??? What happened to the Itche Kadoozy shows? Why don't you make more?!?!?!?! Reply

Anonymous North Miami Beach, FL April 7, 2008

Women Bayla, re: Women in a Minyan.

A Minyan is meant to fulfill an obligation to pray with a quorum of ten men. Why only men? Prayer is a "time-related" commandment & women are exempt from these types of commandments, & although they do have an obligation to pray, a womman's prayer obligation is not "bound to time."

Therefore, since they don't have this "time-related" commandment obligation, they can't be counted in a Minyan, whose purpose is to fulfill this obligation.

A man is "bound to time, " while a woman is higher than the "particulars of time;" she connects to the "essence of time itself."

You "resent being excluded from the Jewish prayer community." The brain & heart are both extremely important, but have different roles.

Men & women have different roles. I can be a parent, but should I resent that I can't get pregnant? No, that's not my role. Reply

mendel via April 6, 2008

i want a new one already :( i want a new one already :( Reply

Anonymous LA, CA March 23, 2008

this episode is so good when are you going to make a new episode? Reply