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Purim: Gifts for the Poor

Matanot LaEvyonim

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Purim: Gifts for the Poor: Matanot LaEvyonim

One of the four special mitzvot to observe on the day of Purim is giving gifts to the poor. Why is this practice termed "gifts" (matanot) to the poor and not "charity" (tzedakah) as we might expect?
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Giving of the Torah, Matanot LaEvyonim, Purim

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Helene G March 23, 2016

Purim Mitzvahs For those of us in rural areas, it would be useful to have a way to donate money for food and for the poor. Perhaps a link on Chabad.org. Reply

Anonymous Glendale Ca February 24, 2015

Thanks, Rabbi, for helping me understand the reason for our joy on Purim and the meaning of cursed be and blessed be... I will be able to more fully enter into the joy of the day. Reply

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