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The Queen of Persia

The Animated Purim Story


The Queen of Persia: The Animated Purim Story

A virtuous heroine. A wicked villain. It’s the ancient, true story of Queen Esther, brought vividly to life in a delightfully educational way.
Scroll of Esther, Purim, Purim Miracle

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yoey Bernstein Cincinnati July 3, 2019

funny and good Reply

Chana Rivkah Graham 11005 childs st. silver spring MD. March 3, 2019

it's so funny, especialy the first thing and Hamans voice! Reply

Shazak Chicago March 3, 2019
in response to Chana Rivkah Graham:

And guess what... that Haman voice belongs to the nicest guy on Planet Earth, our Shazak artist, David Sokoloff! Reply


How to purchase the video the link seems broken the link to purchase the dvd seems to be broken. please advise how i may purchase the video, and is it possible to buy and download please. thank you Reply

Chabad.org Staff February 26, 2019
in response to ARTHUR GOBER:

Hi Arthur,

It looks like the website is down, but I do see the DVD available on Amazon. You can also contact the producers directly via their website, shazak.com. I hope that helps. Reply

David Moscowitz Chicago March 3, 2019
in response to ARTHUR GOBER:

The link is now fixed.... Reply

Anonymous usa February 24, 2019

This is such a fun way to learn the Purim story in detail thanks! Reply

wilansky Portland maine February 20, 2019

How come the whole video is not on here Reply

Levi Ormond Beach October 31, 2018

I think who ever made this is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Moshe Moscowitz Chicago July 5, 2018

If you purchase the DVD it will play on the computer. Chabad.org is only a preview... it's a preview of 100 minute showing! Reply

Mrs Awesome Minden NV February 25, 2018

Itwouldnt play on my computer. )= Reply

Chabad.org Staff February 25, 2018
in response to Mrs Awesome:

Sorry to hear that Mrs. Which computer and browser are you using? Reply

Ayal Cabell February 23, 2018

I'm 14 and I still find this enjoyable and funny. 10/10!!! Reply

Dhjsj Dewar February 17, 2018

I have the book from pj library Reply

Ayal Cabell February 23, 2018
in response to Dhjsj:

I read the book at shul occasionally. Reply

Anonymous October 21, 2017

i love it!!!!! Reply

Kayla Hoffmen Milbasin July 17, 2017

Ioooooveed it so much!!!!!❤❤👍👍👌👌😊😊 Reply

Shira Atlanta,GA March 22, 2016

Purim My 4 and 5 year old brothers love this and want to watch it over and over again thanks so much for making it exciting for such a young age Reply

Mendel cotlar Cary March 20, 2016

fun this is the best video I ever watched Reply

Harry March 19, 2016

Lovely film exsplains lots of information Reply

Iris Campbell,CA March 17, 2016

Thank you for this excellent Purim education The music and simple story telling and graphics kept my (religious)uneducated five year old granddaughter interested and delighted throughout the whole story, it was a better version than one I read to her that totally bored her. At the end of your animated video she said"now I know".
Than you Chabad!😇 Reply

FindTheJoy Somewhere March 10, 2016

Watched it for school project. Was recommended by school Rabbi. * * *
Yes, the story is fun and meant for kids - but kids don't like it if that is too obvious. I think that this was put together a bit childish-ly. If there was a more adult-ty version of it, without the "shopping at midnight wine sale" nonsense, I would rate it "* * * * *".
This is coming from an 11 year old, an inside view from a kid.

Thank you for reading! Reply

Ayal Cabell February 23, 2018
in response to FindTheJoy:

I'm 14, and I still love watching/reading the books and videos. They are always fun, and still teach me things that I missed. They also get me thinking. It would be cool to have a version for the more "mature but still a kid at heart" people. I like your view, about how it is meant for kids. It also has some parts that I think are pretty accurate. Especially the "Headache after 100+ days of wine". I'm surprised that Achashvarosh wasn't dead. Either way, I hope you have a good life, and that you lie a long time.

From Ayal Reply

shira-achsah Jawirz inwood July 4, 2018
in response to Ayal Cabell:

LOL Reply

Anonymous Texas April 2, 2015

Video i love this video. Reply

Moshe Moscowitz - Shazak Producer CHICAGO February 27, 2015

From the Producer of Shazak This is absolutely my favorite Shazak Production! I love it and can't get enough of it. Such a wonderful blend of humor and history. It is ten chapters and it follows the ten chapters of Megillas Esther.

This was our first production and it has a special mesmerizing magic to it. SPLENDIFOROUS!

BTW: My favorite part is when Esther is chosen as queen.

We, at Shazak are busy now working on a Shazak Parsha of the entire 54 parshiyos of the Torah. Reply

Ayal Cabell February 23, 2018
in response to Moshe Moscowitz - Shazak Producer:

I love your works! Thank you, Shazak!

Could Shazak make a video about David Hamelech? It would be awesome!

From Ayal Reply

Anonymous February 27, 2015

Delightful Reply

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