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Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal

Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 4

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Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal - Part 4: Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 4

The difference between the G-dly soul acting alone in contrast with its increased effectiveness when it partners with the animal soul.
Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv Part 4  
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Anonymous Israel January 17, 2017

More please :) Thank you for sharing this shiur online and enabling us to learn this beautiful Maamar with you. You are a gifted teacher. Please share many more series like this one soon and encourage your peers to do the same :) Reply

ONE Hyattsville December 16, 2010

Maturing - The Animal?
What can you tell those who need to navigate through/by and on behalf of the Animal in others? Reply

Mrs. Catherine Cronin December 16, 2010

animal souls What happens when you have to deal with a person who is not refined at all in either the animal or spiritual souls. ie. he is your boss or parent. Is using your animal soul to deal with that person, with the intent of keeping your refined soul in tact, permitted and necessary to deal with that animal soul which may exhibit itself with intense anger or habits? I have found those people who have no refinement at all, always trying to destroy or corrupt a refined soul. What are your thoughts when this occurs. How do you deal with those types of people. (If you can't get away from them). Reply

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