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Chassidic Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal

Maamar: "Adam Ki Yakriv"


This discourse of the Alter Rebbe from Likkutei Torah explains how the animal offerings brought in the Temple symbolize the refinement of our own animal character.

Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 1
A description of the two souls – G-dly and animal –- and how it is the purpose of the former to transform the latter into a willing partner in the service of G-d.
Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 2
The inherent disadvantage of sudden inspiration is not only that it ends as quickly as it began, but that it may leave no trace of having affected the person at all.
Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 4
The difference between the G-dly soul acting alone in contrast with its increased effectiveness when it partners with the animal soul.
Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 6
The personal process of transforming inspiration into actual growth is represented in macrocosm by the timeline of events between the miraculous redemption on Pesach and receiving the Torah on Shavuot.
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