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Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal

Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 1

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Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal - Part 1: Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 1

A description of the two souls – G-dly and animal –- and how it is the purpose of the former to transform the latter into a willing partner in the service of G-d.
Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv Part 1  
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Bat Sheva Klein Chicago, IL November 18, 2010

101 Tanya Good Tanya 101! Every one should send it to a beginner. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan November 18, 2010

One of its kind Chabad class This is what I was looking for.
Only Chabad could provide this kind of very meaningful class. I appreciate it very much.
Especially the origins of G-dly soul and Animal soul explained in this class was something I needed to know. I also was amazed by the critical importance of recitation of Shama. Thanks to this class, reciting Shama has become much more joyful than ever. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan November 18, 2010

Question 1 What are Ophanim, Chayot, and Seraphim? Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl November 17, 2010

im so glad i am happy that this presentation was available. i was always under the assumption that the arousal from below was not in good standing from G-d. i had no idea that it was the animal soul that i would be using to create the bond needed for survival. for years i had been trying to ignore or brushing aside pretending that it was not proper to acknowledge or that it was somehow detrimental to my being or in fact slowing me down from creating the bond of enlightenment. thank you so much. you have saved me from years of tormenting myself and thinking that having these feelings were somehow not being chesid but now in fact know that they are here to use for the purpose of closeness. having feelings of anger about things of insignificance seems to come from the animal soul and can be used to redirect towards G-d. now i can harness such feelings and use them for what they are intended for. i could never figure out the purpose of my anger but always knew inside where it came from. animal Reply

Richard Raff November 17, 2010

Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal So Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov let me see if i understand. In order to have a well balanced life, i must come to terms with the bad and good inclinations. The body, if it were to be a tree or a tree of knowledge, must have a healthy root system in order to produce the fruit of G-d's will. To be too righteous can be bad and being too bad you could not benefit from G-d's righteous rewards. i could be wrong on this, i don't have a Chava to help me with the conception idea yet. Great class and many blessing for you and yours, in merit of ongoing service to G-d. Reply

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