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Rabbi Gordon - Shemot: 1st Portion

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Samuel Tayar Montreal December 19, 2021

My wife and I study online with Rabbi Gordon every day and use Chayenu as the accompanying study guide.

May the Rabbi's neshama be blessed with continuous aliyot in heaven and may he bless his loyal followers still in exile. Reply

Alex NYC December 31, 2017

Amazingly true, the Egyptian exile was way bigger then most people talk or hear, just because it happened many years ago [a couple of thousand] it has very virtuous and badly shameful to the Egyptian history.

Thank You Rabbi Y.B. Gordon, I know you are seeing the emails up on High!
Moshiach Now!!! Reply

Jenifer Nech Houston December 31, 2017

I also study with Rabbi Gordon- every day- Peace - of blessed memory. Reply

Linda Leah Dinovitz mitzpe Yericho January 15, 2017

What a beautiful legacy he has left. I study with him every day Reply

Anonymous December 27, 2015

Appology Rabbi.
Shavuah Tov.

I think you owe an apology to all the the holocaust survivors
for opening a wound with your comment.I'm referring to the horrible sign at the concentration camp a reminder we don't need. Reply

Alice Jerusalem January 8, 2015

In verse seven, I can only find five expressions of being fruitful and multiplying. Are you counting one of the "me'od" as the sixth?

Thank you. Reply

Gabriela UK December 17, 2013

A new King arose We held the opinion that in verse 6 (Shemot) the Torah refers to a completely different king, a foreigner, not of Egyptian blood. According to Isaiah 52:4 which reads as follow: " For thus says the Lord G_d, My people went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn there; And the Assyriam oppressed them without cause".
This also would explain why this new Pharaoh was so nervous with the hebrews growing so fast in numbers. Reply

Anonymous December 16, 2013

Why Egyptians started to dislike Jews In the lecture the main and only reason why Egyptians started to dislike Jews was that Jewish people were multiplying with 6 kids at once. My question is: if everything comes from G-d and he wanted Jews to prosper and multiply why Egyptians start fight this. At the same time from history we know that when Jews starts doing bad stuff G-d punish us with different punishments. Like when Jews start do idolatry or start marry locals and forgot who we are and so on. All i am saying it will not happening without G-d permission. So what was the reason that Egyptians made Jews a slaves? Reply

Lindy Keiser Gorelik Tustin December 13, 2013

Notes Rabbi,
Do you have notes that go along with your studies. I would like to see the way in which the Hebrew works into the word for Shabbat & Milah? I was trying to follow what you were saying and I was unable to get it fast enough.
I enjoy your teaching.
Thank you Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn October 14, 2012

Passuk Yud Daled I enjoyed this lesson immensely, many questions were clarified. However, I was having difficulty understanding the pronouns at the end of Passuk Yud Daled and it seems Rabbi Gordon skipped that Passuk. Can that Passuk please be explained? Reply

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