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Rabbi Gordon - Shemot: 2nd Portion

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Ruben Kwint December 28, 2015

Dear Rabbi,

How could Miriam be a midwife and be called by Pharao, while later you say she was 6 years old, when Moshe was found in by the princess? - Todah me'od, Ruben Reply

Ploni Almoni Baltimore MD. January 17, 2022
in response to Ruben Kwint:

Been listening for a while, I have a answer to your question)

The way I understand, (from Rashi) This was a mother daughter team , Miriam was not an actual delivery nurse, her main job was to Calm "Pooh" the children, after her mother delivered them. Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for January 28, 2015

Re: shemot As Rabbi Gordon himself mentions, the source that Amram was one of the leaders of the Jewish nation before Moses, is from the Oral Torah.

With regards to Amram marrying his aunt, this is gleaned from the later verses themselves which discuss Amram's and Yocheved's lineage. It is true that there were some who learned the Torah even before Matan Torah,however, we don't find, other than our forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob, that the Jews voluntarily accepted as binding the obligations and prohibition of the Torah before it was given. In fact, this episode itself would be proof of that. Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for January 28, 2015

Re: Genesis Giants With regards to the Giants/Nephilim mentioned in Genesis (among other places) and whether they were angelic beings, I would refer you to the article, Nephilim: Fallen Angels, Giants or Men?

As to how they could have survived the flood, there is a fascinating Midrash which explains that Og survived by hanging onto the Ark and was fed by Noach during the flood. Reply

Anonymous January 5, 2015

Where are the responses? Are there no answers to these questions? I see only questions, and some comments... Reply

armin sternberg berkshires December 16, 2013

shemot. First of all, let me say how happy I am to have discovered this. Out in the boondocks of the Berkshires in mass. I don't have too many options for torah study.

Now to address this portion. you didn't really substantively make the case for the spiritual leadership of levi, kehat, amram. In fact there was no evidence of this that I could see in the blessing of levi by jacob. Secondly, you mention that amram married his aunt and that he could do that because the torah had not been given, However, I have learned many times that there were yeshivot where jews studied laws of torah well before the torah was formally. so sure I would expect a spiritual leader to follow the torah precepts whether or not it had been given yet? Reply

Rochel California December 31, 2012

Gematria I tried the gemartia of naar boche and aharon hacohen and it didn't add up. What am I missing.

Thank You Reply

Shmuel Waln Clever, MO January 8, 2012

Genesis Giants Rebbe, who are the giants spoken of Genesis? Are they fallen angelic beings? If so, how could they have bred with humans? Later in the Torah, after the Flood we read about them again? How can this be as all land-creatures were killed, but Noahs family, in the Flood? -Todah, Shmuel Reply

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