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The Jewish Meditation Series

Guidance on Mindful Prayer

In order to give one’s words wings with which they may fly, we endeavor to infuse them with meditative intentions. Learning to inspire prayer with meditation greatly enhances the experience and imbues it with enhanced meaning and reach. This series offers guided meditations appropriate to everyday prayer.

Modeh Ani - Part 1
Video | 14:19
Modeh Ani
Part 1: Focused Intentions
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman provides a first entry into authentic and practical Jewish meditation. Taking us step by step through the words of the first morning prayer, providing imagery and concepts for mindful focus.
Modeh Ani - Part 2
Continuing Our Meditation
Continuing the Modeh Ani meditation with a contemplation of the Creator as Author of our personal stories.
Modeh Ani - Part 3
Video | 12:43
Modeh Ani - Part 3
Putting It All Together
Final segment of the Modeh Ani meditation, focusing on the return of the soul.
Y'hay Sh'may Raba
Video | 18:20
Y'hay Sh'may Raba
The essence of the Kaddish
The Kaddish response is meant to be said with "all the power of your mental focus." Here is a practical guide to saying each word with total mindfulness and focus.
Shema Yisrael 1
Video | 17:58
Shema Yisrael
Part One: Imagining Creation
The first step of Shema is to lift yourself into a space from which you can see the view from above.
Shema Yisrael 2
Video | 15:13
Shema Yisrael
Part Two: Speech: The Ultimate Metaphor for Creation
We use the emergence of speech from the human psyche to experience the act of creation within ourselves.
Shema Yisrael 3
Video | 9:13
Shema Yisrael
Part Three: The Essential Secret
Real secrets don't need to be hidden--they are known only to those who already know. The most absolute secret is to know existence itself.
Shema Yisrael 4
Video | 10:55
Shema Yisrael
Part Four: Going Back Out Into the World
Now we bring this all back down to earth with an added line after the Shema.
Four Kinds, Six Directions
Meditation in Movement
The movements we make with the Four Kinds each day of Sukkot are a meditation on bringing our emotions into balanced harmony. This meditation is grounded in the kavanot of the Ari, as explained in the siddur of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi.
Amidah: Shemoneh Esrei 1
Part 1: Logging-on – Praise
The very idea of prayer is absurd--a tiny creature speaking with its Creator, like a figment of your imagination talking back to you. Once you accept that absurdity, you are ready to stand in the awe of prayer.
Amidah: Shemoneh Esrei 2
Part 2: The Plea – Personal Requests
The Shemoneh Esrei tells a story, began with a proper order of priorities in life, each need in its proper place.
Amidah: Shemoneh Esrei 3
Part 3: The Plea – Communal Requests
Next comes the story of redemption, leading up to the ultimate prayer in the temple of a rebuilt Jerusalem.
Amidah: Shemoneh Esrei 4
Part 4: The Exit
Leaving the upper world while holding on tight.
Baruch Attah... Part 1
Video | 30:18
Baruch Attah...
Part 1: Holy Bananas
Mindful eating begins by opening a channel. Tzvi Freeman works backwards, step by step, disclosing the thoughts behind a mindful blessing.
Baruch Attah... Part 2
Video | 19:58
Baruch Attah...
Part 2: Mindful Mitzvahs
Before doing any mitzvah, a blessing is also said, but somewhat longer. Rabbi Freeman illuminates the meaning of the added words.
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