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Can I Thank G‑d for a Hybrid Fruit?
I heard that G‑d does not want us to create hybrid fruit. So my question is, if G‑d is not happy with this fruit, should I make a blessing before eating it?
Do Young Girls Light Shabbat and Holiday Candles?
The rabbi in my synagogue tells me that my daughter should begin lighting Shabbat candles. My very traditional grandmother disagrees. Can you please enlighten me?
How Can the 10th of Tevet Interfere with Shabbat?
If a river is polluted, do you start by washing off the beaches, or do you plug up the sources that are pouring in all the toxic waste?
Fasting on Yom Kippur Which Falls on Shabbat
According to chassidic teachings, Yom Kippur falling on Shabbat doesn’t “deprive” us of the pleasures which Shabbat normally affords us. Rather the extremely holy nature of Yom Kippur accomplishes the same objective . . .
Can Twins Do the Haftorah Together?
My sons both have the same portion. Can they read it together?
Second Bar Mitzvah?
May a Jew Raise Swine?
Is it permitted for a Jew to have a pet pig? Can a Jewish farmer raise pigs for business purposes, for sale to non-Jews?
The Biblical Basis for the 13 Principles of Faith
A list of the Thirteen Principles of the Jewish faith, as penned by Maimonides, along with their biblical sources.