Yes, there is a prayer recited wherein we ask G‑d to grant us a safe and uneventful journey. Click here for the text of the prayer. See our Traveler's Companion for the laws and customs associated with this brief prayer.

Some other tips for drawing special divine protection for the duration of your trip:

1) Bring along a charity box. Place a few coins in the box prior to the journey.

2) Have some holy books in the vehicle. Good choices include the Book of Psalms, a Torah (Bible), and a prayer book. Any other Jewish book that you may be in middle of reading and had not yet a chance to finish is also an obvious choice. When you have a minute en route, glance inside the book, or if you are the driver, have one of the passengers read from it aloud. This Torah study elevates and sanctifies the entire trip, a step which certainly will make for a safer trip too.

3) The Torah commands us to safeguard our health by acting prudently. Obeying the speed limit and wearing safety belts isn't only wise, it is following G‑d's express instructions. It is also very important not to drive when fatigued. The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, reportedly once suggested that when driving at night, one should stop the car and walk around the car every hour on the hour.

And once you arrive safely at your destination, always remember that while you may think that the purpose of your visit is business or leisure, there is really a deeper reason for your stay in this particular location. The "spiritual business" which you must take care of is the real reason why G‑d orchestrated the events which led you to this location. And the reason? To do a mitzvah; to recite a blessing or prayer, help another in need, or any other mitzvah opportunity which may present itself. Click here for an inspiring vacation meditation.

Have a safe and meaningful trip!

Rabbi Dovid Zaklikowski,