My pond fish died today and I was wondering whether there was an appropriate mourner's prayer to say for him.


The loss of life is a sad event. Yet, there is a special sanctity to the human soul, and a specific pain when there is loss of human life. Thus, while we may be saddened by the loss of a pet, there is no prescribed mourning period.

When a person passes away, we wish to promote the continued journey of the soul in the spiritual worlds. To this end we say and do specific things to aid it on its voyage. The Kaddish prayer, study of Mishna, and increasing in charity on behalf of the departed are examples of things that are done to give the soul extra strength, an added boost on its journey.

While there is no specific prayer said when an animal dies, doing extra good deeds, such as increasing in charity, is always a good idea!

All the best,

Rabbi Shmuel Kogan